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3 Months into 2017 and Few Standout Lil Wayne Songs

2016 had enough solid Lil Wayne tracks to fill up a couple playlists. However, 2017 is not starting off with the momentum most of us Weezy fans had hoped for.

I started to write a follow-up blog post last week for the "Top Lil Wayne Songs of 2016," which would obviously be called the Top Songs of 2017, but the problem I encountered was that there's only been one dope track that I feel like are worth putting on this year's list. (Raekwon's brilliant "My Corner."

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So far Lil Wayne's appeared on tracks for Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Hoodie Baby, Raekwon, Wale, David Guetta, and Young Chris. The track with Raekwon was absolutely flawless, and will most likely end up on the best of at the end of this year. The Young Chris "Life of the Party" was also a solid showing, although a bit limited by the subject matter, Wayne raps perfectly with the cadence of the beat and the "party" concept.

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However, now that we're through March, that's one-fourth of the year gone. And with one-fourth of the year gone and only two potential tracks for a top 20 list, with that kind of output we would only have a "The Top 8 Lil Wayne Songs of 2017" list when it comes to December.

Now, I still expect to have enough fire content at the end of this year from Weezy to make my Top 20 list, but I believe it's because he has some albums that are in the vault that will be dropped within the coming months. It make sense with this year's line-up too.

With Drake just releasing an album, and Kendrick Lamar releasing his latest album on April 14th, it might be better for Weezy to take 2017 by storm in the summer time. But us die-hard Lil Wayne fans need a real fix soon. With every new negative headline that comes out like "Lil Wayne frustrates Florida fans with late appearance" without a new headline reading "New Mixtape/Album," Weezy's brand will start to take some hits.

Here's to hoping for a new project very soon, and to hoping that it's as dope as they always are.