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4 FWA Lil Wayne Songs that Make Tidal Worth It

If you've never had a Tidal subscription, you may have never listened to the Free Weezy Album (FWA.) Let me tell you, you are definitely missing out.

FWA is one of the best Lil Wayne albums ever released, don't believe the downplayed reviews that underestimate any Lil Wayne song that was released after 2010, this album is complete fire.

lil wayne free weezy album fwa tida

Yes I know the album was released over two years ago, but it's an album that will stay with you. For me, the album has a personal spot. For my 24th birthday I went to Las Vegas and I was going through some seriously emotional issues at the time. The album dropped my 2nd night there and from that point on, I dropped every single worry that was on my mind and ended up having one of the best times of my entire life.

You may or may not care about my personal experience with the Free Weezy Album, but you should care about giving this album the listening time it deserves and checking out a few of the best tracks.

  1. Living Right - Lil Wayne ft. Wiz Khalifa
This is one of the smoothest and cleanest Lil Wayne songs of all time. His voice is in optimum peak with a mix of crisp and croaky that only Weezy can master. Wiz's verse is worth note as well, but Wayne's performance on this track alone makes this track a work of art that will most definitely stand out at the end of his career as one of the most enjoyable to listen to.
  1. London Roads - Lil Wayne

This London produced gem is a steady and emotional pounding of Lil Wayne rhymes that will captivate you from the first beat. The tone is dark and Weezy's focus is tight, the rhymes are all relevant and tied together. This is the style of rap from Lil Wayne that shows how he can rap quickly without being in a hurry. He raps fast to give the flow life, but he takes enough time and space to give the lines room to breath. It's pure mastery from beginning to end.

  1. My Heart Races On - Lil Wayne ft. Jake Troth

A heavy jazz influence on this track with horns a plenty, Wayne takes over this song from the beginning and keeps the tempo racing throughout the track. The hook is classic and raw from Jake Troth and a classic and clear piano track. You can hear the emotion and passion in this track, and as Weezy does, he keeps his pitch constantly moving to match the intensity of the beat and keep the listener engaged. It's a true standout from the album.

  1. Post Bail Ballin' - Lil Wayne ft. Young Jeezy

This beat should be worth a million dollars. No idea how much it went for since most of the contributions to FWA were given up free of charge due to Lil Wayne's contract situation with Cash Money. Nonetheless, this track is fire from the first sample. Weezy and Jeezy always put out Mike Tyson level heavyweight performances when they're on tracks together and this track is no exception. Don't feel ashamed to loop this track for at least 13 times in a row to let it's infectious rhythm take the full effect.

If these four Lil Wayne tracks aren't enough to get you to try at least a trial version of Tidal, I don't know what is. To be perfectly clear about how much I love this album, I'm getting ABSOLUTELY NO compensation for writing this post. (I don't even think Tidal has an affiliate program much to my dismay.) But I still feel this strongly about these songs and this album so if you haven't heard it yet GO LISTEN TO IT NOW.

You won't regret it. #weezysthegoat