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6 Things About Lil Wayne You Wouldn't Tell Your Mom

You can debate how the following statement reflects upon today’s society on a different blog, however, Lil Wayne is a living legend and hero to many young people in America.

Weezy is the man who made metaphors must haves in rap, the man who brought the simile back to your memory from 3rd grade writing class, and also the man who made smoking blunts look almost irresistible to millions who watched his appearances in music videos.

While for years young kids had to hide rap cd’s like they were playboy magazines, Lil Wayne was one of the first rappers to be embraced by many open-minded parents who used lyrics to A Milli as their admission to the “Cool Parents Club.”

Even if you are one of those lucky kids who has parents that share in your Lil Wayne affinity, you may want to hide the following aspects of his background from the parentals.

1. Lil Wayne lost his virginity at age 11.

In a candid-camera moment during The Carter: Documentary, Weezy tells a young Lil Twist the story of when he was willingly taken advantage of by an older girl when he was 11.

What a tough life young Wayne lived.

While 11 may be strikingly young for most people, Chris Brown claims he lost his virginity at age 8. The details of that encounter are probably better left untold.

(Read about Lil Wayne and Chris Brown’s relationship through the years here)

2. Weezy’s been arrested twice.

Tunechi has only been to prison once, thankfully, but he has been arrested on two separate occasions. One arrested occurred in New York City which was the arrest that led to his prison sentence. The other arrest was outside of Yuma, Arizona, in which he was arrested for possessing Marijuana, Cocaine, and Ecstasy.

He pled guilty in 2010, but was only sentenced to 36 months probation. He did have one close call in Texas in which he was detained by border patrol for possession of Marijuana.

3. Lil Wayne has a sex tape.

If you’re interested in seeing Lil’ Wayne in nothing but some white tube socks, there’s a sex tape circulating the interwebs in which Weezy allegedly was filmed having sex with two different women at the same time.

Wayne threatened legal action to the first companies that expressed plans to put the video live, those companies refrained. However, now you can see the blurry video if your heart desires.

4. He’s a High School Dropout.

If your mom finds this one out, don’t be alarmed, you’ve got some ammo. While he did originally drop out of school, he later earned his GED and took college classes on campus at the University of Houston. Even though he attended U of H before his national fame set in, he was already a pretty big star in the south. The distraction of his presence ultimately proved to be too much and he stopped attending classes.

5. Lil Wayne went against his mother’s wishes to continue rapping.

When Weezy was young his mother found his notebook full of written down raps and took it away from him. She didn’t approve of a path with him rapping due to the lifestyles of the rappers in New Orleans at that time.

After that event, Wayne never wrote down another lyric. From that point on he has recorded as he goes while in the booth. His mother doesn’t seem to mind his rapping now ;)

6. Weezy had his first kid when he was 16.

Every Lil’ Wayne fan knows about Reginae Carter. Wayne’s been so proud of her throughout her life, that she frequently gets shout outs in songs, and for her own 16th birthday party he threw her a huge Super Sweet Sixteen with MTV.

So if your mom finds out Tunechi got a girl pregnant at 16, just go on to tell her how great of a dad he’s been since. To read about Lil Wayne's kids read our article here.