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Best Lil Wayne Workout Songs: The Playlist of Champions

Michael Phelps, Von Miller, Kobe Bryant, James Harden… many amazing athletes across the world have chosen Lil Wayne for the sacred time during their pre-game pump ups, and as motivation during grueling workouts. With everything from inspirational lyrics to blaring, heart-pounding bass, Weezy has some of the best music to keep you going.

I've seen some people (complete morons) on the internet say that Lil Wayne has no good workout songs. To those people, I say if you can't get jacked to these songs, you might be in need of more than a good playlist.

I'ma Go Getta, Lil Wayne Uknown Project

"I'm a riot, insane. I'm a lion my mane hangs down to my strangs and they're tied to the game."

The Sky is the Limit, Lil Wayne Da Drought 3

"I ain't gotta lie when I tell ya I'm the illest. My flow is nasty like C.Y. Phyllis."

(the Sky is the limit also has our #1 rated Lil Wayne quote of all time)

I Run This (Remix), Lil Wayne & Birdman 5 Star Stunna

"Hollygrove gangsta, Eagle St. animal, I'll have my goons jack-son like Samuel. If you want beef bring ya cows I will cattle you, yeah I see you player but I'm the most valuable."

Back on My Grizzy, Lil Wayne Da Drought 3:

"You ain't satisfied til ya son'll be calling, telling you where to leave the money in the morning. Okay, you want a zombie movie instead? That's when ya walk in ya house and everybody dead."

Right Above It, Lil Wayne IANAHB

"I smoke til I got chest pains, and all of my riders do not give a fuck. #xgames. Guns turn you boys into pussies. #sexchange"

I'm Raw, Lil Wayne Carter 3 Leak

"I only leave my house to paper chase, yup, off to the jungle, where I feel safe."

Big Wings, Lil Wayne No Ceilings 2

"Fuck with me wrong and get hit up, we hit every block and we hit all ya men up. She do every squat and she do every sit up, she dance every day and she pick every bit up."

"I work every day and I sip when I get up, yeah you heard what I said 'I sip when I get up' and work every, I'm a hell of a nigga. Smoking that loud they just yell at a nigga."

Hit 'Em Up, Lil Wayne Tha Carter 2

"Throwing up fingers saying 'my side rules.' If a nigga disagree that's why my side proves. That Maybach coup a cock-eyed fool."

Ice Cream Paint Job, Lil Wayne No Ceilings 

"Finger on the button, nigga just stuntin if ya ain't the bank teller don't tell me nothing."

We Be Steady Mobbing, Lil Wayne IANAHB2

"Big house, long hallways, got 10 bathrooms I can shit all day."

Watch My Shoes, Lil Wayne No Ceilings

"Got a lot more shit than you could ever fathom, a big head nigga couldn't even imagine."

SportsCenter, Lil Wayne Dedication 2

"Swallow ya whistle, make a nigga ride with the pistol cuz the fakest niggas ride with a pistol. Even if I die old I'ma die with a pistol and if ya stand over my body I'll probably kill you."

I'm Going In, Lil Wayne IANAHB

"Bad to the bristle, hat to the rizzle, I'm so official all I need is a whistle."

A Milli, Lil Wayne Tha Carter 3

"I do what I do and you do what you can do about it."

DOA, Lil Wayne No Ceilings

"Young or old there ain't no comparing me. I just cleared that up, Moment of Clarity."

My Name Is, Lil Wayne No Ceilings 2

"I pour up so much they call me 'poor baby,' Kush man I need a sack like Charles Haley. Sippin' to the Big Mo 'I'm the Bar Baby."

(My Name Is was one of Weezy's best songs of 2015, check out Lil Wayne's best songs of 2016)

6' 7', Lil Wayne Tha Carter 4

"I lost my mind, it's somewhere out there stranded. I think you stand under me if you don't understand me."

"Paper chaser tell that paper 'Look I'm right behind ya!', real G's move in silence like Lasagna."

You Ain't Know, Lil Wayne & Birdman Like Father Like Son

"Put it on the hood, I'm Hollygrove to death. I'm already good, I'm working on my left.  A jungle on my wrist, a circus on my neck. Don't forget the Baby? No. Don't forget the F!"

Stuntin, Lil Wayne Dedication 3

"Cheap ass apartment just the kitchen I need, and 18 G's is why the chicken crossed the street. What ya know bout it? My niggas so bout it, if you kill everybody they can go to court about it."

UOENO, Lil Wayne Dedication 5

"I know you want a pat on the back but then them fools gon' see you choke."

Get 'Em (Dedication 2), Lil Wayne Dedication 2

"Walking that line with a lot on my mind, I get that money never dropping a dime. I don't hate, never, not on my time. I put that little red dot on ya mind. Talking that crime but a lot of em lyin."

(Dedication 2 is on our list of first mixtapes you should check out when getting into Lil Wayne)

Georgia Bush/ Ambitionz az a Ridah, Lil Wayne Dedication 2

"So what happened to the levees why wasn't they steady, why wasn't they able to control this? I know some folks that live by the levees that keep on tellin me they heard explosions."

Knuck If You Buck (freestyle), Lil Wayne ft. Mack Maine, Curren$y Dedication 2

"Challenge me, that'd be to my advantage. I'm outstanding like standing outside up in a twister, I walk and I damage."

Seat Down Low, Lil Wayne Da Drought 3

"Candy on candy, gripping the grain. See I am the only fire that can live in the rain. I am so, so New Orleans. Like 1825 Tulane."

I'm Me, Lil Wayne The Leak

"Last year they had the Grammy's and left me in Miami, sleeping on a nigga like I'm rapping in my jammy's. I'm rapping when you sleep, I was rapping when you was in jammy's!"

Trap House, Lil Wayne Sorry 4 the Wait 2

"Got a goon named Fernando at the front do' of yo' Condo. Knock knock. Who's there? He don't care he psycho!"

Sorry 4 the Wait, Lil Wayne Sorry 4 the Wait

"Fuck y'all, for real though. Sleep with the hammer under the pillow. Get her to the room, bend her over like a elbow. Soon as I'm done I peel off like velcro."

Rollin', Lil Wayne Sorry 4 the Wait

"My gat bang yo hat hang, I ride off with Mack Maine. I drink Patron straight you niggas keep that Champagne... I come to yo show and kill you and yo hype man."

Run This Town, Lil Wayne No Ceilings

"I get superhero money, call a nigga super rich. Keep it super for a while, let me get on my super shit. Super ill, super sick, dog, I go super Vick. Ran into a super woman, she turned to a super bitch. Hit her with that super dick. She be coming super quick.... Now I'm off that super shit. Fuck that shit I super quit."

If this playlist doesn't get you pumped, no playlist will.