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Comedians Love to Joke About Lil Wayne

Comedians love to make jokes about Lil Wayne. It’s been that way for a while now. Big names such as Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Katt Williams and many more, they just love to rag on the king.

Now some comedians clearly love Weezy, and that’s why they use him in their sets. It’s good for him, increased exposure and it also keeps him relevant. Most comedians have switched to making fun of Drake these days (let’s face it, he gives them lots of material), but Lil Wayne is still one of the biggest names in rap.

This post is a grouping of many of the comedy bits out there containing his highness the Greatest Rapper of All Time.

  1. Dean Edwards Dean Edwards - Lil Wayne (Stand Up Comedy) - YouTube

Dean raps about how little he has in common with Lil Wayne due to his changing fashion and the fact that he may be too old to call himself “Lil” Wayne anymore. He also says he met Weezy, which had to be a fun conversation.

  1. Jimmy O. Yang How to start beef with Lil Wayne - Jimmy O. Yang (standup) - YouTube

Jimmy O. Yang yaks it up about how rappers are getting uglier and compares Lil Wayne to a character from his favorite childhood movie, “the gremlins.”

  1. Tony Roberts Tony Roberts Lil Wayne Makes No Sense - YouTube

Tony Roberts remarks about how it seems like Lil Wayne is the only rapper in the world since almost all Hip Hop songs feature him on them. A common theme from Weezy’s feature heavy days. He also calls Wayne a genius and takes his own crack at rapping.

  1. Jay Pharaoh Comedian Jay Pharoah Imitates Obama, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Chris Rock & Denzel Washington - YouTube

Jay Pharaoh kicks it with Sway in the Morning and does a spot-on impression of Jay Z, and two killer ones of Obama and Denzel. That’s pretty good company for the younger Mr. Carter to find himself in, even if it’s not really him. His Lil Wayne impression, though, in my opinion, is horrible.

  1. Katt Williams Katt Williams owns Lil Wayne Hella Funny!! - YouTube

2008 Katt Williams cries to Lil Wayne’s hook on Duffle Bag Boy because he got too high. If you’re familiar with the Katt Daddy, you can probably imagine how this one’s gonna go.

  1. Chris Tucker Chris Tucker Disses Lil’ Wayne - YouTube

Chris Tucker, still most famous for his complete hilarity in the Rush Hour series, dances to Lollipop on stage and does some Lil Wayne teasing on stage. 2008-2009 really was when Weezy was at the height of his complete dominance of the rap and hip-hop community, and these types of things show it. These are old people making jokes about Lil Wayne just because he’s so relevant. It’s just like Obama shouting him out on his campaign trail, you couldn’t be alive and in front of an audience and not reference Lil Wayne.

Know another comedian that references Lil Wayne? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll include it on this list.