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Dallas Cowboys Play Lil Wayne's Verse on "Gimme That" During Training Camp Fight

During a recent training camp fight, Dallas Cowboys players Kareem Edwards and Tyrone Crawford let tensions get the better of them as they slung a few punches back and forth. 

But more importantly for Weezy fans was how cool it was when the Cowboys practice facility staff turned on Lil Wayne's verse from Chris Brown's verse on "Gimme That (Remix)".
Cowboys staff plays Gimme That (Remix) during scuffle.

First, as the scuffle starts and then pushes its way back towards the endzone, you can here Wayne giving his intro calling Chris a Phenom and referring to himself as the 23-year-old CEO (shows how old this song is).

Then, just as the huge mash-up of 300 lb men is starting to settle down you can hear Tunechi:

"Young Carter, harder than them other boys. I ain't even fronting baby I could take a summer off. I could break a woman off, I could take the stomach off... One of my trucks, now I'm riding in the guts!"

Lil Wayne - Gimme That (Remix)
Gimme That (Remix) Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne

Check the music video above. It starts just as Weezy is getting into his verse. And if you're interested on more about the relationship between Lil Wayne and Chris Brown check out this post