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Busted Drug Dealer Failed to Listen to Lil Wayne's Warning

In Lil Wayne's 2014 song "Hot Nigga" he raps the following warning to drug dealers:

"I hope you know the Feds got Instagram, they liking every photo that ya take nigga!"
Apparently, recently alleged drug dealer Cuban Harry didn't listen to the Sorry 4 the Wait 2 track because his arrest came after posting this photo to his Instagram account: lil wayne miami drug dealer


Now, I'm no expert in the drug game, but I have listened to Biggie's 10 Crack Commandments, and I'm almost positive this breaks at least four of them.

If you're supposedly in charge of a crime ring involved in the burglary of dozens of pharmacies in the Miami area, I would think that at least you had seen enough gangster movies to know not to get too flashy. I mean, Denzel (Frank Lucas) got busted just for wearing a Chinchilla coat to a boxing match in American Gangster, so the threshold for flashiness from drug dealers is obviously pretty low.

Ultimately for Weezy fans, you have to hope that there's nothing of substance (yes pun intended ;) ) tieing this bust to Lil Wayne, as there's already a number of articles mentioning Garcia's ties to Weezy and Chris Brown.

Chris Brown is still fresh with legal troubles following the controversy involving armed police being called to his house because of a 911 call from a woman claiming there was gun violence at Brown's home.

Wayne, on the other hand, has been supposedly suffering more from the medical effects of lean than the criminal ones, as TMZ reports that his most recent seizures were related to his Codeine use. Weezy's been critical in the past of TMZ though, and therefore I take their reporting with a grain of salt, although sometimes celebrities do label media reports as inaccurate out of anger about their personal business being made public, even if it is 100% true.

These stories tend to worry Weezy fans though, who struggle to keep the balance of trying to mind their own business and let Wayne do his own thing, and keep him from becoming yet another superstar whose life has been claimed by Heroin-related drugs.

So here's to those fans, and to hoping Wayne can handle his business. And one last note to all the drug dealers out there, don't forget the 10 Crack Commandments, and at least heed the advice of the rappers you are allegedly supplying!