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How Old is Quavo? A Comparison to Lil Wayne

Quavo is 26 years old. His birthday is April 2, 1991 and he was born in Athens, GA. He started Migos with his cousin Offset and nephew Takeoff in 2009, the same year Lil Wayne released Tha Carter 3.

Quavo, whose real name is Quavious Keyate Marshall, at 26 is actually the same age that Weezy was when he released Tha Carter 3 and became the most famous rapper in America with "Lollipop" and "A Milli."

Should we expect Quavo to split from Migos and try to expand his own solo career? Who knows. But so far he's stayed loyal to his familial group and has kept Migos as his top priority. There's definitely enough hype around Quavo to have a successful solo bid, but could he ever reach Weezy heights? It's doubtful.

For starters, Lil Wayne had already put out so many solo projects at the age of 26 that Tha Carter 3 was just the icing on the cake. Tha Carter 3 selling over a million copies in a week was the crowing of the man everyone already knew was the king of hip hop. The reason they already knew he was king, however, was because of his alien-like run of mixtape domination, with tapes like Da Drought 3 and Dedication 2.

Quavo still has plenty of upside though, and at a young 26, there's no reason to think he can't reach the heights that he ultimately dreams of. For now, I'll continue enjoying the magic that Migos keeps putting out on a consistent basis, in the hopes that we may see some more Migos/Lil Wayne collaborations sometime soon.

Want more Quavo? Make sure to check out the Migos concert schedule and get your tickets. Word of warning from personal experience, don't drink and smoke too much during the opening acts that you're too far gone to hang in for the entire Migos performance. You'll definitely regret it. To be fair though, the concert was in Amsterdam, so I'll give myself a pass.