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Lil Wayne Has Been Busy

Lil Wayne has been incredibly busy lately, and his fans should be quite happy about it.

First up was the release of the absolute banger Dedication 6, but fans didn't have to wait long before he released the follow-up effort D6 Reloaded. And now, just a couple of months later he is already starting rumors that he could release the once forgotten I Can't Feel My Face mixtape collaboration with Juelz Santana.

On top of all that, Ethika just released their mixtape RGB II, and the song put in by Lil Wayne is classic Weezy over an outstanding beat. The track Vizine is a gem that all Tunechi fans will love. The song contains a couple Birdman disses that continue Weezy's complaints against his former label boss.

Also music related, it's been announced that Lil Wayne and Lil Jon will headline Denver's annual 4/20 Fest. It's always good to see Weezy billed at Marijuana related events as he's done more for Weed than any rapper of his generation.

Non-music related, the claim that Lil Wayne fathered a child years ago (who is now a teenager) has gained some more legal footing. Weezy has been court ordered to do a paternity test to prove that he's not the father of Keiotia Watson's son. It's been reported that he's already committed to taking all required action if the boy is his, however, he's previously claimed that the child is not his, due to the timing and location of the conception and birth.

On a personal note, after a brief break from D6 (admittedly binging on Culture II for a while) I'm back on the wagon. And I have to say that D6 is truly an amazing project that Weezy fans will be enjoying for a long time. We're all still hoping to hear C5 sooner than later, but the stream of recent activity from Weezy at least gives us some more of the high-quality Wayne that he's been putting out very consistently.

Until next time Weezy fans. #WeezystheGOAT