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Why Lil Wayne Doesn't Want His Bags Checked: Straight from Him

In track 14 from Lil Wayne's Dedication 3 Mixtape titled "the Do's and Don'ts of Young Money," Weezy explains exactly why he doesn't want any establishments asking to check his bags.

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In the skit, Lil Wayne says:

"Man I hate.... Don't you ask to check nothing of mine. If I'm coming into your place of business, and you scheduled for me to be there, bitch I don't have to be there. I have a very nice home. You understand? And I... I... Boy look here. Just don't be trying to check me dude. I ain't trying to steal or hurt nobody in any of them places. Man I am rich as a motherfucker. That's the last thing I want is a confrontation or problem. I am trying to... I am trying... Son, don't check me."
After Weezy recently disappointed fans when he refused to perform at a South Carolina concert because security wouldn't allow him the exception of not going through the security checkpoint, many people are now questioning why Wayne wouldn't go though the check.

Most are linking his policy to his 2007 gun arrest in New York City, but you don't have to listen to many Weezy songs to hear references to what he keeps in those bags, and not many of them are legal.

Lil Wayne has been getting away with avoiding security checks for years, and I must say I agree with the logic that he has employed in his Dedication 3 skit. However, in the age of heightened security we live in today with terrorist attacks and mass shootings, you have to wonder if Weezy will continue to be able to stick to his old policy.