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Lil Wayne Needs to Drop the Rockstar/Diva Act

They say never meet your heroes. And that's supposed to apply to your favorite music artists as well.

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One thing that I've always loved about Lil Wayne is that I've never heard a publicized story of him snubbing a fan, denying someone a photo, or just being plain rude. That's not to say it never happens, but a story like that has never happened in such a bad way that he's caught a bad rap for it.

But Weezy's latest incident in which he calls for his "goon squad" to approach the stage to intimidate his audience crosses the line. Why Lil Wayne would let his ego be so hurt by one ignorant fan that he would show off his pack of goons to an otherwise worshipping crowd of fans is beyond me.

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The backstory is that a fan in an April Idaho show threw a drink on stage and nearly hit Weezy. Wayne then called his "goon squad" to intimidate the crowd, and then ended the show early.

Is that fan ignorant? Of course. Do they deserve to be kicked out by security? Absolutely. But did that entire building of Weezy fans deserve to be robbed of the show they paid for with their hard earned money because of his stupidity? Absolutely not!

The fans weren't given a chance to point out the culprit, they weren't given the chance to ostracize the jerk. No, they were shown the goon squad, and then the door. Plus, no REAL Lil Wayne fan would risk ending a performance of A Milli. It's by far many Lil Wayne fans' favorite song.

How about an even worse example of Lil Wayne's newfound love for being a rockstar drama queen? In July of last year when Weezy was performing at the Cannabis Cup High Times concert in San Bernadino, CA, he ended a show after three minutes with no reason given.

He started complaining about how the crowd of stoners (someone with which he should truly understand) wasn't active enough. Then after a few complaints inaudible to the audience and apparently telling the promoters not to ever call him to do a show again, he ended the show.

A show that fans paid for an entire hour of Lil Wayne performing, ended after three minutes because Lil Wayne was upset.

There are many other moments of fan outrage in the past two years. They all started in 2015 during Wayne's tour after the release of Sorry 4 the Wait 2. A string of shows was booked as Lil Wayne "shows" but many were only "club appearances" in actuality.

Many of the events had fans waiting for up to three hours for Wayne to appear and then only to do one or two songs.

Imagine you being that die hard Lil Wayne fan waiting from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. for your favorite rapper to show up, only for him to sip some champagne and perform one song. You'd be pretty pissed huh?

There are stories just like those, ranging from being three hours late to a show in Richmond to being an hour and a half late to a show at the University of Florida, in which people who paid $80 a pop for floor seats started booing the stage and demanding refunds.

Or how about the show where Wayne ended it early because of a fight with the DJ? Were fans responsible for that?

Are we just supposed to accept now that Lil Wayne is a diva?

I don't bring all this up to bash Lil Wayne. I love the guy, and this is a Lil Wayne fansite, not a slamsite. But someone needs to stick up for the fans and tell Wayne the truth. Lil Wayne has one of the most loyal fanbases in the world. The only evidence you need of that is sales of the Carter 3 & 4, download counts of his mixtapes on Datpiff, and the volume of fans at his sold out shows.

Weezy, you're a star, everyone knows it. You have nothing left to prove. Please stop disrespecting your fan base before you don't have any fans left. You're already asking fans to be patient during an over 2 year period without the album you hyped up more than any. You're asking us to support you financially by buying tickets to these shows.

The least you could do is give us the full shows that we pay for, even if one idiot throws one drink at you.

What happened to you having no worries?