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Lil Wayne is Officially a Better Label Boss than Rick Ross

Rick Ross came out in an interview with the Breakfast Club and gave an off-the-cuff answer about why there are no females on MMG:

“I’m so focused on my business, you know, I gotta be honest with you. She's looking good, I'm spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta f**k a couple of times.”
This comment sickens me. How many photo shoots has Ross paid for for Wale, Meek Mill, Gunplay, or Rocky Fresh? How many studio sessions, promo parties, producers, or featured artists on tracks has he paid for? So how many times has he asked one of them to fuck him?

It's an unacceptable comment coming from a person who has rapped about using drugs to rape women, and also been accused of pistol-whipping a contractor doing work outside of his luxurious home.

The hip-hop world has never been a place of 100% equality. Male rappers rap about women in a degrading way the majority of the time, and for the most part female rappers rhyme about the same things. Take Young M.A.'s new track as a perfect example.

But in 2017, should we really still be letting people like Rick Ross keep the state of hip-hop stuck being so sexist and pathetic? Women who want to hip-hop need to feel empowered and have the full support of their bosses, not have to look over their shoulder and worry about when they're going to try and sexually assault them.

Take this post I wrote last month about Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj's relationship.  Nicki has nothing but nice and near worshipping comments to make about Weezy. From her time of being signed to Young Money Lil Wayne has been nothing but a mentor and virtual big brother.

Rick Ross may think he's keeping up his "boss" image and seeming like a "pimp to these hoes" by making comments like those he made at the Breakfast Club, but in reality, he's revealing his true nature as an asshole, and helping keep in place a sexist structure in hip-hop that should have died in the 90's.