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Lil Wayne's Age is Still Unbelievable

Lil Wayne's age is one of the most impressive aspects of his legendary career. Having just turned 35 years young, Weezy has accomplished more in his 35 years of life so far than many of his peers will in a lifetime.

Lil Wayne Signs with Cash Money

Let's first consider the fact that Lil Wayne's age was just 12 years old when he signed his first record deal with Cash Money Records. To have a record deal with one of the most dominant labels in your city before you're even a teenager is an impressive feat. Add to the fact that he joined the Hot Boys at the age of 14 before he even started high school, and it's all the more impressive.

Lil Wayne Creates Bling Bling

At the age of 17, Lil Wayne created the phrase that would sweep the world for years to come: "bling bling." There was a point when no one in America could go a day without hearing someone use the word "bling," and Weezy was responsible.

Lil Wayne's First Platinum Record

Lil Wayne's age at the time of his first platinum record was 17 years old. So to put this in perspective, before Weezy could even legally smoke a cigarette, he had already released his debut record The Block is Hot, which would go on to sell 1.4 million copies worldwide to date.

Weezy Founds Young Money Records

Even against the advice of his mentor Birdman, Lil Wayne founded Young Money Records in the year of 2005, and the label imprint would ultimately go on to bring YMCMB as a whole to world dominance, with acts like Nicki Minaj and Drake. Lil Wayne's age at the time was 25 years old. So basically, Weezy founded his own company at the age of 25 that would go on to be the most successful record label imprint of the past two decades.

Lollipop, Lil Wayne's First #1 Hot 100 Hit

Lil Wayne's age was 26 at the time of the release of the Lollipop mega-hit. The song dominated radio waves for months, had parents singing to a song they didn't know the meaning to, and caused even more controversy (and jealousy) from 50 Cent. Many artists go their entire careers without a Billboard Top 100 #1, to have one at the age of 27 is special.

Tha Carter III Domination

The Carter 3 is one of the most significant rap albums in the past 20 years. It sold over one million copies in its first week of release, which was huge for a rapper to do at a time when no one was buying albums anymore. The album was also Weezy's first #1 on the Billboard 100. What was Lil Wayne's age for this feat? Only 26 years old.

12 Singles on the Hot 100 at the Same Time

Lil Wayne's age was 29 years old when he became the first solo artist EVER to have 12 appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. No solo act had ever achieved this number before, and only his protege Drake has since.

Lil Wayne Passes Elvis

In 2012 when Lil Wayne's age was 30 years old, he passed Elvis for most Billboard Hot 100 singles of all time with 109. (It's worth noting that Presley by far holds the lead for most singles by a lead act). Drake has since broken Weezy's record, but there Wayne goes again, breaking down barriers for his artists.

Lil Wayne's age continues to be an impressive aspect of his illustrious career. No rapper has done more from such a young age or kept the same consistency that Weezy has for the years following. The fact that he is only 35 now and still has years to add more to his life accomplishments in whatever arena he chooses, only bodes well for the Young Money New Orleans superstar.