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How Many Kids Does Lil Wayne Have?

Lil Wayne's kids: how many does he have?

Weezy has a grand total of 4 children. 1 daughter and 3 sons. The oldest and most famous of his children is his eldest daughter Reginae Carter, whom he had with his former wife Toya (Antonia) Wright. Reginae was born on November 29, 1998, when Lil Wayne was 16 and Toya was just 15, respectively. The couple had met at the age of 12 when they were still in school in New Orleans, and the two call each other their mutual first loves. However, they didn't get married until 2004, and they eventually separated in 2006.

Reginae was raised primarily by her mother, spending most of her time in Atlanta, but Weezy was always a consistent part of her life. Lil Wayne raps about Reginae in the following songs:

“I’m sorry for the fucking wait, was busy, racing Ferraris with lil Reginae. That’s gangsta. You know I always come in second place.” -You Guessed It, Sorry 4 the Wait 2

“But I gotta take care of Reginae and keep Miss Cita straight” –Fuck the World, the Carter

“His and her's Ferraris, nia, one for me, one for my daughter, nia.” –Believe Me, Tha Carter V

Another special moment shared by the two can be seen on Tha Carter V in the song "Famous" in which Reginae sings a beautiful hook about fame and its glamour.

Lil Wayne’s second oldest kid is his son Dwayne Michael Carter III. He was born on October 22, 2008, to Weezy and his mother Sarah Vivan.

His third child is probably his second most well-known because of the fame and beauty of his mother. Cameron Carter is the child of Lil Wayne and the gorgeous Lauren London. Cameron has gotten major attention from a twitter post in which Lauren London showed off the little guy over Christmas. Social media went crazy over the cuteness of Cameron, and the polarizing pairing of Weezy and Lauren.

Tunechi’s youngest kid is his son Neal Carter whose mother is the singer Nivea. Neal was born in 2009 which complemented the great year Wayne had professionally with Tha Carter III with an additional special moment in his personal life of adding another child. Nivea was also featured on Tha Carter V in the song New Dope Gospel.

Weezy has said that he doesn't want a fifth child, but he does have a habit of saying contradicting things in his raps. In Lil Bitch from No Ceilings 2, Wayne raps "she know I cum on her halter top, cause she know I don't want no five children."However, after Ty Montgomery's 10 YPC performance for the Packers against the Bears in 2017, Wayne tweeted about possibly naming his next kid or album after him, so who knows what's really cooking. For now, Lil Wayne seems okay with his five children, and the equal number of baby mamas, but if more cute kids get added to his Christmas Instagram photos, who's going to complain? And Reginae has been doing a great job of defending him against haters, so the more real family around you, the better!

No matter his level of success, Lil Wayne seems to stay grounded by keeping his family first. In the TIDAL interview exclusive #CRWN hosted in New Orleads by Elliot Wilson, Weezy can be seen saying that his children were the only thing that got him through his troubles with Cash Money Records and his inability to release his music. During all of the trouble, he said that being a father to his five children was always what he viewed his #1 purpose as, and that helped him always see the light at the end of the tunnel.