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New Lil Wayne Music is Here

No more waiting, new Lil Wayne music is here! The news broke today when Weezy posted a tracklist on Instagram containing snippets of four new songs.

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That post, along with a post from DJ Drama, got Twitter abuzz speculating about whether the tracks were from the promised soon to be released Dedication 6, or some other project. Weezy says it the captions it's just new tracks for his fans for being so patient and loyally waiting for Tha Carter 5.

Then a few hours later, Tune posted two separate links to YouTube and Soundcloud with the four new full-length songs. Loyalty is by far my personal favorite and it features Lil Wayne at a scorching level that is definitely what you expect from the Best Rapper Alive.

The four new tracks show a new strategy of promotion from Wayne. Usually, Weezy teases a project by talking about it in interviews and promising that it's coming "real soon," which could be as long as 6 months to a year. Then before the project is actually released he posts a picture and then a single a few days to a week before the project is released.

If you remember back to FWA, Wayne released Glory about a week before the album was released to build the hype, and then the album came out on July 4th (perfect timing for me since I was in the middle of my first trip to Las Vegas).

But this release is different. Four tracks at one time, released for free online, is the most Wayne has ever released at once to promote a new mixtape or album. But this is 2017 and people's attention spans are not what they were in 2009. It's tough to keep people hooked on your line of news when all you give them is one single, whether it's as dope as Glory or not.


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Wayne releasing these four tracks all at once on YouTube and Soundcloud shows that someone in his camp is starting to figure out how to keep up with promotion and distribution in a way that can compete with the hyper release-crazed Future and Young Thugs of the world. Four tracks give people four times as many things to talk about related to the potential trending topic of "Lil Wayne."

It's great news for Lil Wayne fans everywhere that we finally have some new music to enjoy. So far there's not a lot of autotune on the tracks either, so the "Mixtape Weezy" fans who've been clamoring for less autotune for years just might get some of what they're looking for.

Go check out the four new tracks, and make sure you check out Loyalty.