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New Weezy: Fendi P ft. Lil Wayne "Wit My Left"

Lil Wayne is on a new track from Curren$y's artist Fendi P. He's a New Orleans rapper so the connection takes Weezy back to his roots, even including a shoutout to Bourbon street. His heavily auto-tuned verse sounds a bit like his flows from Collegrove and definitely anchors the track.

lil wayne wit my left

Weezy's verse is a solid minute and features some classic wordplay from the GOAT, the flow is also one that no one else has been able to successfully replicate yet, so it really has that authenticly smooth Lil Wayne feel.

Notably, at the end of the track, Wayne signs off "YM F CMB." Amid all the speculation of the happy Lil Wayne/Birdman reunion, it doesn't seem that Weezy is taking his foot off the gas just yet.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments below: