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Top 10 Lil Wayne Quotes of All Time

With 11 studio Lil Wayne albums released… over 30 mixtapes with over 1000 songs… and over 100 Billboard Hot 100 appearances…

Only 10 quotes survived.

The Top 10 Lil Wayne quotes of all time:

top 10 lil wayne quotes of all time

1. The Sky is the Limit

“I’m probably in the sky, flying with the fishes, or maybe in the ocean swimming with the pigeons, because my world is different like Dwayne/Wayne, and if you want the trouble bitch I want the same thing.” -Lil Wayne


2. I’m Me

“The only time I will depend is when I’m 70 years old. That’s when I can’t hold my shit within, so I shit on myself cuz I’m so sick and tired of shittin’ on e’erbody else.” -Lil Wayne


3. Mr. Carter

“Got spring hatin’ on me cuz I ain’t never sprung, got summer hatin’ on me cuz I’m hotter than the Sun, winter hatin’ on me cuz I’m colder than y’all, and I will never I will never I will never fall. I’m being hated by the seasons, so fuck y’all who hatin- for no reason.” -Lil Wayne

4. I’m Raw

“I’m a BET soldier and MTV gangsta and I will be on VH1 when I’m done being famous.” -Lil Wayne

5. Damn I’m Cold

“1-2-3 way, 4-4 makes 8, 9 times out of 10 it’s an 11 or a 12 gauge. Friday the 13th, that’s the day that hell raised, but y’all boys too weak, like 14 days.” -Lil Wayne

6. Live from the 504

“And to them kids drugs kill I’m acknowledging that, but when I’m on them drugs I don’t have a problem with that.” -Lil Wayne

7. We Takin’ Over

“I am the beast, feed me rappers and feed me beats.” -Lil Wayne

8. Knuck if You Buck Freestyle

“Mama said tuck ya chain son they’ll take it… I hit her with one of them stale faces like: ‘I’ll be damned Mama they know who I am Mama, I’m still ya little boy but to them I’m the man mama.'” -Lil Wayne

9. Beat Without Bass

“My leather so soft but don’t think I ain’t hard. They say Weezy make it rain but I say ‘Bitch I ain’t God!'” -Lil Wayne

10. Beat Without Bass

“You old ass rappers better stay on tour. You’re like 44, I’m 24, I got a 44, I could merck you and then come home when I’m 44!” -Lil Wayne

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