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Ty Montgomery Has Lil Wayne Thinking About Names

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Ty Montgomery's 2 TD and 162 yds on 16 carries in the Packers game against their hated rivals the Bears has Lil Wayne thinking about naming a future child or album after the emerging NFL talent.

It might be a premature, as Montgomery had only 23 yds on 9 carries this week. But hey, Ty's only 23 himself, and it might be worth naming a kid after him just because he's a running back with an odd number of #88, usually a number reserved for wide receivers and tight ends.

Lil Wayne has 4 kids in his family at the moment, but you never know when the family could get just a little bit bigger. He's stated many times in his raps that he doesn't want 5 children, but as we all know, sometimes that's not up to you.

He's also said that his next album is going to be called "The Funeral" so for now I'm just gonna chalk this claim up to Weezy being a little stoked about the Packers doing well. But if Ty Montgomery pulling off a crazy 200 yd plus game in the future will get Wayne to drop a new project, I'm all for it!