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Young Rappers Lil Wayne Fans Will Love

There is no replacing Weezy F. Baby. Many rappers have hoped to become "the next Lil Wayne," but no one has been able to fill the void during Weezy's slowdown.

Big Sean, Future, and Young Thug have had some incredible mixtape runs and hit album follow-ups, but no one has been able to recreate Lil Wayne's 2007-2011 run and become the undisputed Best Rapper Alive.

It becomes clearer every day that Lil Wayne is in the ranks of Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth, and that no one will ever be able to outdo the GOAT.

However, Lil Wayne fans all have one thing in common: We Love Good Rap! And for all you die-hard Weezy fans waiting on the Carter V to be released, here are some young rappers that are putting out quality work that Lil Wayne fans are sure to appreciate.

  1. Bruno Mali Kidd
Bruno Mali Kidd is an up and coming rapper from South Florida. He's not new to the game, as some might know him from his past life as "Young Spook," but the Bahamas-born rapper is tearing up the mic right now with his latest single "HA" and an appearance on Rick Ross' "Monkey Suit."

Bruno Mali has that '05-'07 sound of southern rawness that made many fall in love with Lil Wayne. With a resemblance to Weezy's hardness in "KnuckĀ If You Buck Freestyle," Bruno Mali takes no prisoners on beats and has a very distinct sound.

You'll no doubt hear some influence from Lil Wayne in Bruno's flows and cadences on some tracks, but he's far from the many Lil Wayne clones that have infested rap in the last few years. He's a truly unique talent in his own right, and he's poised to be one of the young starts bringing shine back to the south.

Check out Bruno Mali's dope a.f. new track "HA" below.

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