is committed to making sure the whole world knows that Lil Wayne is the Greatest Rapper of All Time, or GOAT. We started the hashtag #weezystheGOAT (which we would love your help promoting on Instagram and Twitter) and we make t-shirts for Lil Wayne fans that want to rep their favorite rapper in a stylish way.

I bought my first Lil Wayne t-shirt back in 2007. It was an old gray design with a lot of fleur de lis’s and Weezy’s face. It was one of my favorite shirts when I was in high school, but I remember having such a difficult time finding that shirt when I needed it.

Many of the Lil Wayne t-shirts that are out there are illegal. It’s not legal to use Weezy’s face unless you have a license agreement with him (we’re working on that, once we sell enough t-shirts to get him to notice us). But for now, we never use his performing name “Lil Wayne” and we don’t use his face.

Our commitment here is to make legal, superior quality, stylish t-shirts and other apparel that other Lil Wayne fans will love to wear. Whether you want a t-shirt for a concert or just to show off to your friends, these shirts are all designed with you in mind.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for a t-shirt design, let us know on our contact page.