New Weezy: Fendi P ft. Lil Wayne "Wit My Left"

Lil Wayne is on a new track from Curren$y's artist Fendi P. He's a New Orleans rapper so the connection takes Weezy back to his roots, even including a shoutout to Bourbon street. His heavily auto-tuned verse sounds a bit like his flows from Collegrove and definitely anchors the track.

lil wayne wit my left

Weezy's verse is a solid minute and features some classic wordplay from the GOAT, the flow is also one that no one else has been able to successfully replicate yet, so it really has that authenticly smooth Lil Wayne feel.

Notably, at the end of the track, Wayne signs off "YM F CMB." Amid all the speculation of the happy Lil Wayne/Birdman reunion, it doesn't seem that Weezy is taking his foot off the gas just yet.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments below:


Check Out Lil Wayne's Newest Song "Visine"

Weezy contributed a track to Ethika's new RGB 2, and the track is definitely worth a few fire emojis.

There's a couple Birdman disses, as well as a tribute to the mission statement: #WeezystheGOAT

At the 1:24 mark Wayne raps "I'm the GOAT nigga, no goatee." We'll start working on getting that line on a tee real soon ;).

The first Birdman diss comes at the 0:43 mark when he says "No one man should all that power if he can't afford to pay the light bill."

"I'm the GOAT nigga, no goatee."

Then Tunechi follows it up at the 0:53 mark with the clever "Cut off the wings, now I'm soaring."

The track is filled with standout lines, if you haven't checked it out yet, give it a lesson and let us know what you think below in the comments.

Lil Wayne Has Been Busy

Lil Wayne has been incredibly busy lately, and his fans should be quite happy about it.

First up was the release of the absolute banger Dedication 6, but fans didn't have to wait long before he released the follow-up effort D6 Reloaded. And now, just a couple of months later he is already starting rumors that he could release the once forgotten I Can't Feel My Face mixtape collaboration with Juelz Santana.

On top of all that, Ethika just released their mixtape RGB II, and the song put in by Lil Wayne is classic Weezy over an outstanding beat. The track Vizine is a gem that all Tunechi fans will love. The song contains a couple Birdman disses that continue Weezy's complaints against his former label boss.

Also music related, it's been announced that Lil Wayne and Lil Jon will headline Denver's annual 4/20 Fest. It's always good to see Weezy billed at Marijuana related events as he's done more for Weed than any rapper of his generation.

Non-music related, the claim that Lil Wayne fathered a child years ago (who is now a teenager) has gained some more legal footing. Weezy has been court ordered to do a paternity test to prove that he's not the father of Keiotia Watson's son. It's been reported that he's already committed to taking all required action if the boy is his, however, he's previously claimed that the child is not his, due to the timing and location of the conception and birth.

On a personal note, after a brief break from D6 (admittedly binging on Culture II for a while) I'm back on the wagon. And I have to say that D6 is truly an amazing project that Weezy fans will be enjoying for a long time. We're all still hoping to hear C5 sooner than later, but the stream of recent activity from Weezy at least gives us some more of the high-quality Wayne that he's been putting out very consistently.

Until next time Weezy fans. #WeezystheGOAT


Lil Wayne Influenced Your Favorite Rapper

Lil Wayne's influence is everywhere, you don't have to look far at all. No matter who you look at: Migos, Young Thug, Post Malone, Future, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Weezy's handwriting is all over them.

First take a look at Culture II. Migos certainly have a southern swag that is not easily replicated, but so many of their songs sound just like a Dedication 2 Lil Wayne. Quavo at times sounds like Lil Wayne is writing verses for a young Gucci Mane's, and it just so happens that he can sing like just like Weezy.

Post Malone's rap/sung style is a mirror image to joints from Lil Wayne like "How to Love" and "Single." When you listen to "Notice Me," the new Migos/Post Malone collab, it sounds like you took a 2011 Lil Wayne song and subbed in Migos and Post.

Young Thug's Weezy influence is obvious and undeniable, but take his feature on "Havana" just as a super-specific example. It's 100% reminiscent of the days when Lil Wayne would feature on a pop star's track and be the only reason someone listened to it. (Although in this one, the song is well worth listening to without Young Thug)

Let's look at Chance the Rapper for a second. A young, small, high pitched rapper that raps about very random subjects? Hmm.... Who does that sound like to us? When you listen to "No Problems," you hear a Grammy winning effort that not only features Lil Wayne, but wouldn't have been possible without him.

How about DJ Khaled's super-hit "I'm the One"? Of course Bieber has some major pull when it comes to the success of a pop track, but let's look at the rappers, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne. Now we've already looked at how Quavo and Chance have been heavily influenced by Weezy, but it's one thing for these types of rappers to be able to carve out a niche fan base on their own and be successful. However it's a totally different thing to have a #1 hit bolstered by 3 high-pitched, small, rappers. That's all that's on that track. There's no big deep voiced guy, no super fast rapping spitter, no Drake wanna-be singing, just Lil Wayne and two of his clones.

Again, I want to reenforce this point. I'm not saying that Lil Wayne clones are the only rappers in hip-hop with the previous paragraph. There are plenty of Drake clones and others out there. But when Lil Wayne came on the scene, he made being a small, high-pitched rapper with dreads super cool. Before Weezy, there was no one like that who set the mold. "I'm the One" shows that rap has changed so much now, that a #1 song can be made entirely from rappers who have followed in that mold that Lil Wayne created.

Even the Drake clones get their lineage from Lil Wayne, because let's face it, when Drake's not singing his heart out, he's playing 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon with Weezy's flows (or getting them from his ghostwriters.) If your favorite rapper is Kendrick or J Cole, guess what, they're also hugely influenced by Wayne.

Therefore, to conclude boys and girls, this is just another example of how Lil Wayne is the Greatest Rapper of All Time. No matter where you look in today's hip hop scene, you will see the handprints of Weezy F. As Quavo said in Culture II: "Gotta be like the Carters." #weezysthegoat



new lil wayne song bloody mary

Lil Wayne Goes Dipset for New Song with Juelz Santana

New Lil Wayne Song "Bloody Mary"

Lil Wayne has released a new song from the upcoming Dedication 6: D6 Reloaded called "Bloody Mary" featuring Juelz Santana. The beat is a sped up version of Tupac's "Hail Mary" and sounds early 2000's esque.

It's a different flow for Weezy than what we've heard recently, but he absolutely goes hard. There are elements of 2008-mixtape Weezy with some of the verses and he certainly sounds energized.

Juelz brings it too, starting the verse off and continuing until the 1:50 mark. If you're a fan of Lil Wayne and the classic Juelz-Weezy collabos then this song is definitely for you.

Listen to the song here straight from Lil Wayne's official YouTube channel:


lil wayne and drake's relationship

Lil Wayne and Drake’s Relationship

Lil Wayne and Drake's Combined Success

Lil Wayne and Drake have been the two most successful artists in hip hop over the past ten years. Since Drake was featured on Lil Wayne’s Dedication 3 mixtape on the song “Stuntin” the dynamic duo have dominated the Billboard charts, worldwide tours, and the hearts and minds of hip hop fans everywhere.

How Lil Wayne met Drake

Drake met Lil Wayne in 2006 through a mutual friend named Jas Prince. According to Prince, he was on his way to his jeweler in Houston and Weezy was in the car with him. He played a few of Drake’s mixtape-style songs he had been doing and Wayne was impressed.

The next day they flew Drake to Houston where he met Lil Wayne. He then travelled on a tour bus with Wayne’s whole entourage to Atlanta and began recording on Wayne’s tour bus. The rest as they say, is history.

lil wayne and drake at basketball game

Drake Signing to Young Money

Drake officially signed to Lil Wayne’s label Young Money in 2009. After meeting Wayne and getting a lot of additional heat and buzz from the association with Weezy, the rumors started swirling hard core that Drake would be signing with Wayne.

For the first couple of years Drake seemed to keep his options open, he said multiple times that Young Money was family but he was trying to be independent and without a label.

In the end, the chance to sign with the machine that was Young Money combined with Universal distribution was just too much to pass up for Drake. He might could have had the same level of success eventually without Young Money and Universal, but he was probably just a little bit too early.

The music business has changed a lot since 2009, artists like Chance the Rapper can be independent and make a lot more money without a label as long as they know how to market and promote themselves without a label.

However, 2009 wasn’t quite at the same digital level that we’re at in 2018.

Lil Wayne on Drake's Thank Me Later

Lil Wayne was featured on Drake’s first studio album “Thank Me Later” on the track “Miss Me.” It was certified Gold and peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Rap tracks. It was the first official single the two teamed up on it was a huge track for Drake. It helped him keep his roaring momentum after the “So Far Gone” mixtape and kept Drake as one of the hottest names out.

lil wayne and drake on tour

Drake on Young Money Album

Drake was then featured on three singles from the Young Money album “We Are Young Money.” He was heard on hits “Bedrock” “Every Girl” “Pass the Dutch” and on his own in “Trophies.”  

The opportunities that Lil Wayne gave Drake to shine and Drake’s ability to consistently churn out hit verses proved to be the perfect combination. Weezy would give Drake a shot, and Drake would crush it.

Drake and Lil Wayne on Priceless

The two were then featured on Birdman’s Album “Priceless” on the track “Money to Blow.” It was another great verse from Drake to open the track, but Lil Wayne killed it and added to Drake’s eventual legend status with a line from his incredible closing verse when he said: “We poppin’ like Champagne bottles but we ain’t never shook. And we gon’ be alright if we put Drake on every hook.”

Drake on IANAHB

Lil Wayne’s album “I Am Not a Human Being” was another step towards eventual domination for Drake. The album was released while Lil Wayne was in prison which gave it major buzz, and it also came on the heels of Wayne’s masterpiece “No Ceilings.”

With all that heat and momentum, Weezy didn’t disappoint, and neither did Drake.

Drake was featured on the mega hit “Right Above It,” as well as hits “Gonorrhea” and “With You.”

“I ain’t a killer but don’t push me!”

Wayne again gave Drake a huge platform to succeed and Drake hit it out of the park. “Right Above It” gave Drake even more notoriety at the top and he was quickly becoming the 2nd most dominant name in Hip Hop, passing titans like Jay Z and Kanye West. “Right Above It” went double platinum and peaked #1 on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs.

lil wayne and drake on stage

Lil Wayne on Take Care

Take Care was Drake’s coming out party as an artist who could sustain himself as a star on his own. While Lil Wayne was featured on two tracks from the album, and Nicki Minaj and Birdman were featured as well, people who loved the album loved it for Drake.

Even if they came originally for the Drake/Weezy collabs, they stayed and replayed the album over and over for Drake.

Drake’s reflective and sensitive side came out on the album, and fans loved him for it. The album went 4x Platinum in the U.S. and peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums list. The dominant force we know today as Drake had arrived, and he hasn’t left since.

Many Drake fans think Take Care was his best album, definitely in the conversation with Views from the 6. Whether it’s his best or not, the album put Drake on top of the Hip Hop world and he hasn’t fallen off.

Fights Between Lil Wayne and Drake

Beefs have been rumored between Lil Wayne and Drake for years, mostly because people want to sell stories and beef headlines get clicks. But there’s only one story that’s ever been substantiated.

When Lil Wayne was in prison, he had a girl that he had been seeing steadily. While in prison, Drake told Weezy that he had slept with Weezy’s girlfriend before they got together, years before. Wayne was upset because the girl had never told him about it before.

The fight apparently never became too big of a deal between the two, and Wayne wrote about it in his prison memoir, which is how we know it’s true.

Lil Wayne and Drake Tours

Lil Wayne and Drake have toured together several times but in 2014 they did their most iconic tour, “Drake vs Lil Wayne.” The tour was a huge success as fans of both artists got to see both artists on the stage at the same time, performing back and forth.

It allowed a lot of fan interaction and even had a smartphone app. The two seemingly had a ton of fun doing it, and surely made a lot of money.

Lil Wayne’s Support of OVO

Lil Wayne has been very supportive of Drake’s label and clothing brand “OVO.” He has featured on some OVO acts songs and he wears OVO clothing quite often. He can be seen in the “My Nigga Remix” music video wearing an OVO “Know Yourself” hoodie, and in countless other videos wearing OVO tees.

lil wayne and drake relationship

Drake’s Lil Wayne Tattoo

Drake has a tattoo of Lil Wayne’s face on his left triceps. The tattoo is large and features Lil Wayne’s face with a hat on. Wayne was reportedly honored and loved the gesture of respect from Drizzy.

Funny Videos of Lil Wayne and Drake

If you want to watch some funny videos of Lil Wayne and Drake, check out these links below and have a good laugh. Maybe one day we’ll get even more behind the scenes video footage of the two being themselves and enjoying their great bond.

Funny Lil Wayne and Drake video one

Funny Lil Wayne and Drake video one


What’s your favorite Weezy and Drizzy memory? Let us know in the comments below!

lil wayne changed my life

How Lil Wayne Changed My Life

I was sixteen years old when a friend of mine first introduced me to Lil Wayne. We were working as bus boys together at an Outback Steakhouse in Lufkin, TX, and this guy was one of the best rappers I have ever met in person.

He had memorized every one of Weezy’s most memorable verses circulating the radio and internet, and in 2007, that was a lot of verses. However, my rap acumen at that time lacked a great deal. I had been a huge hip-hop fan earlier in my youth, but my freshman year of high-school saw me entering a classic-rock phase fused with bits of metal, alternative rock, and a heavy dose of John Mayer.

There was a bit of a time gap between when the kids were going crazy for Nellyville and the time Lil Wayne started his onslaught of the rap world. It was a lengthy void for rap, or a “drought” as some labeled it. A void filled only with Pop-y radio rap hits and underground artists in Houston and Atlanta that couldn’t get national exposure.

When the Carter II was released, I wasn’t even aware of it. I hadn’t heard Fireman, Shooter, Best Rapper Alive, Hustler Muzik, Hit ‘Em Up, or any of Lil Wayne’s hits from that era.

And then one day, something happened.

We Takin Over

I was riding around with my brother in his friend’s brand new powder blue Dodge single cap pickup truck with a six inch lift when a song came on the radio that I had heard before, but I had never previously listened to very closely.

I heard the words: “Ahh… I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats!”

My eyes fixated on the screen of the CD player. My breath stilled, my ears perked up and honed in like a bird dog, my heart beat slowed… Something important was happening.

“I’m insane I need a shrink, I’m untamed I need a leash. I like brain I need a leach. Why complain on Easy Street? I don’t gotta talk I let the Visa speak and I like my Sprite Easter Pink.”

I was so excited, so blown away, and so inspired! I wanted to find all of the Lil Wayne music I could. I bought the Carter II from Best Buy with a gift-card I had. I started downloading mixtape after mixtape. All under the careful tutelage of my friend Tyrell from Outback, I began my journey of what is now ten years of becoming a Lil Wayne fan.

Lil Wayne Music, A New Genre

Because of the sheer volume of music Weezy released during the run of his hay day, you didn’t have to be a rap fan. You didn’t have to be a fan of any particular genre, you could be a Lil Wayne fan. As if it was its own genre! No one had ever put out so much quality music in such a short period of time. In an era when record sales, artist loyalty, and album consistency were all in decline, Lil Wayne embodied it all.

The people who didn’t see the Carter III’s one millions copies plus sold in one week coming didn’t understand that it had nothing to do with the album itself. Of course we wanted the Carter III to be great. We held it up as the gold standard that would cement Lil Wayne as being the best rapper alive, because the only lack on his resume was a legendary album.

But besides all of that, we wanted to buy the Carter III because we felt like we owed it to Lil Wayne. When you create a new genre, as Lil Wayne did, and then you release an album, you are the only album in that new genre. In a sense, that’s what Lil Wayne did. If you are a fan of Lil Wayne music, why wouldn’t you support the artist that had been giving you so much free music that you couldn’t even consume it all?


In those high school days of mine, Lil Wayne gave me someone to believe in. Just as the kids during Kurt Cobain’s days, just as the fans of Led Zeppelin, Elvis, the Grateful Dead, and the Beatles. Lil Wayne was that for middle, high-school, and college kids from the late 2000’s to the early 2010’s.

For me, listening to Lil Wayne rap about hustling and grinding before that’s all everybody and their mom were rapping about, helped me be prideful in being a bus boy at Outback Steakhouse. It helped me feel good about working hard and making money, and building a life that I could enjoy. I even give credit to Weezy for me founding my clothing line HSTLR Wear.

Music has always had the ability to inspire people throughout generations. Some people love the instrumental aspect, but for me, I was raised on classic rock. I was raised on the Eagles and Led Zeppelin, Queen, and the Steve Miller Band. For me, lyrics were everything.

Jay Z's Retirement

Rap music took a turn after the first retirement of Jay Z, in which lyrics were no longer valued, and therefore they weren’t good. They were corporately designed, ghost-written, rap-pop songs. Lil Wayne changed that with his rise to power and dominance, and he may have changed it forever.

"I'm the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired." -Lil Wayne

Every rap or hip-hop artist around today has visible influences of Lil Wayne. Whether it’s a minor indy artist or the biggest starts, every one has crafted their music in the new landscape of rap shaped by Lil Wayne.

Look at how the most important aspect of Kendrick Lamar’s raps are always the lyrics. Look at the heavy focus on subliminal disses hidden in lyrics from Big Sean to Drake. Look at the powerful messages from rappers like Macklemore and J-Cole.

I’m not saying Lil Wayne invented lyricism in rap. Nas, Jay Z, Eminem and many others all deserve enormous credit for what they’ve done for rap. But Lil Wayne saved hip-hop.

Rock and Roll & Lil Wayne

Think about Rock for example. Rock and Roll never recovered from the overly corporate late 80’s and is today filled with American Idol contestants and studio pop-up bands. Real Rock and Roll is dead. That almost happened with Rap too. Without Lil Wayne, Rap was heading down the same road of soulless corporatism.

So, this post is my thank you to Weezy. Thank you for inspiring me to work hard and dream big. Thank you for working harder than any other rapper in history to save hip hop from death. And thank you for still going strong in 2018 with bangers that put these other clowns to shame.

Here’s to you Lil Wayne. #WeezysTheGOAT

lil wayne 2 chainz collaboration

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz at it Again?

2 Chainz Hints at New Lil Wayne Collaboration

2 Chainz recently got the rap world abuzz with the thought of another collaboration with Lil Wayne being on the way soon. Chainz announced on his Instagram that he and Weezy have "another one on the way" but fans aren't entirely sure what exactly he's talking about.


A New Lil Wayne 2 Chainz Album?

The confusion is that after their recent hit Collegrove, and of course numerous single collaborations such as Duffle Bag Boy, Rich As Fu**, Yuck!, and many others, is 2 Chainz talking about a new album or a new single? Either way, it's sure to be fire, and if he's ready to start promoting it, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

(check out our Lil Wayne tees and hoodies here)

Lil Wayne's Dedication 6 Reloaded

Weezy is supposed to be releasing a Dedication 6 follow up called "Dedication 6 Reloaded," so if another project is coming with 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne fans may just get the project packed year we've all been hoping for.

We'll keep you updated on the status of the new 2 Chainz collab, until then, keep enjoying that Dedication 6!


how old is quavo

How Old is Quavo? A Comparison to Lil Wayne

Quavo is 26 years old. His birthday is April 2, 1991 and he was born in Athens, GA. He started Migos with his cousin Offset and nephew Takeoff in 2009, the same year Lil Wayne released Tha Carter 3.

Quavo, whose real name is Quavious Keyate Marshall, at 26 is actually the same age that Weezy was when he released Tha Carter 3 and became the most famous rapper in America with "Lollipop" and "A Milli."

Should we expect Quavo to split from Migos and try to expand his own solo career? Who knows. But so far he's stayed loyal to his familial group and has kept Migos as his top priority. There's definitely enough hype around Quavo to have a successful solo bid, but could he ever reach Weezy heights? It's doubtful.

For starters, Lil Wayne had already put out so many solo projects at the age of 26 that Tha Carter 3 was just the icing on the cake. Tha Carter 3 selling over a million copies in a week was the crowing of the man everyone already knew was the king of hip hop. The reason they already knew he was king, however, was because of his alien-like run of mixtape domination, with tapes like Da Drought 3 and Dedication 2.

Quavo still has plenty of upside though, and at a young 26, there's no reason to think he can't reach the heights that he ultimately dreams of. For now, I'll continue enjoying the magic that Migos keeps putting out on a consistent basis, in the hopes that we may see some more Migos/Lil Wayne collaborations sometime soon.

Want more Quavo? Make sure to check out the Migos concert schedule and get your tickets. Word of warning from personal experience, don't drink and smoke too much during the opening acts that you're too far gone to hang in for the entire Migos performance. You'll definitely regret it. To be fair though, the concert was in Amsterdam, so I'll give myself a pass.

Lil Wayne Updates - How to Get them with Google Alerts & Twitter

How to Get Lil Wayne Updates with Google Alerts

Do you want Lil Wayne updates to your email or smartphone? There are two super easy ways to stay updated on Weezy and I'm going to show you how to use both.

Lil Wayne Updates with Google Alerts

The first step is to go to this link from Google to set up your alerts.

lil wayne updates

Next you'll want to enter "Lil Wayne" into the box next to the search icon. Then click "Create Alert."

You can also click "Show Options" to choose how often you get Lil Wayne updates, as well as which sources and topics you want alerts about.

It's as easy as that. Now all you have to do is set up your alert!

Lil Wayne Updates on Twitter

You can also use Twitter to get Lil Wayne updates.

First, open up the Twitter app on your phone. Then click on the search icon at the bottom of your screen.

twitter search lil wayne updates

Type "Lil Wayne" in the search bar at the top of your screen and then click "search" at the bottom. Then at the top of the page, scroll over to the right on the top and click on "News".

lil wayne updates twitter

Now you can see all the Lil Wayne updates that Twitter has to offer.

You can repeat the same processes to get updates on Tha Carter V, and new Lil Wayne mixtapes.

lil wayne dedication 6 mixtape

Dedication 6 Was Amazing

Full of Heat and Bangers, Dedication 6 Delivers

It's been a little over two weeks since Wayne dropped Dedication 6 on us, let's just say I haven't stopped banging it yet. Due to the never ending Weezy hate that has gone on in the last 7 years, I've stopped wasting time worrying about how the world responds to Lil Wayne projects.

Ever since the Free Weezy Album (FWA) was criminally slept on, it became clear that the media couldn't be trusted to give accurate reviews either. However, I'm incredibly glad to see that Weezy got so much overdue love online over such a truly great piece of work.

I'm still holding out hope we get the rumored part 2 to start enjoying in the next couple of months, but Dedication 6 provides more than enough for me to enjoy some classic Wayne that is miles above most of his competition. This mixtape features Wayne at his finest, a mixture of going hard for long stretches of freestyle mastery with a complex level of tone changes that makes you feel like your listening to 4 different Lil Wayne's.

Favorite Songs

If you haven't checked out Dedication 6 yet do yourself a favor and get on it. Personal favorites are Menace 2 Society, Fly Away, What's Next, and Bank Account.

Standout Lyrics

My favorite lyrics come from What's Next with the following bits of lyrical genius:

"My lil homies bang, my lil homies they deranged. They don't want the fame, kill yo' ass and fly to Spain." and "I cannot sit down without getting down, what's new in town, let's do it now, a couple marbles ain't been found, a couple screws been screwed around."

Feature Verse Shoutouts

Special shoutout to Gudda Gudda who once again turns out some amazing verses as he always does. Other standout verses come from Zoey Dollaz and Nicki Minaj who do their part to make sure the Young Money boss' latest tape was a standout.

Until the next treat we get from Mr. Carter, let's light one up to the reigning champ. Lil Wayne, aka Weezy, the greatest rapper of all time.



lil wayne dedication 6 mixtape

Dedication 6 is Coming for Christmas, Just Like We Asked

Here comes Dedication 6, just a few days after we posted our latest blog post "All I Want for Christmas is Dedication 6," Lil Wayne answered our Christmas wish and announced that Dedication 6 is coming on Christmas Day!

The DJ Drama collaboration will be the first Lil Wayne project since Collegrove was released in March of 2016, so needless to say, Weezy fans everywhere will be pumped.

Wayne announced the new mixtape on Twitter and Instagram on December 6th.


Since Weezy's had PLENTY of time to work on this tape, let's hope it's a complete masterpiece!

And thanks, Weezy, aka Santa, for the Christmas treat.

lil wayne dedication 6 Christmas

When will Lil Wayne Release Dedication 6?

Back in November, Cortez Bryant set the Twitterverse ablaze with the idea that Dedication 6 might be released as a "surprise" drop on Thanksgiving. He said to look for the project in November because December would just be too late.

Well, here we are in December, and still no Dedication 6.

Of course all true Lil Wayne fans know that Cortez Bryant can't be trusted when it comes to release dates. Weezy fans have been abused since tha Carter IV by delay after delay. An album will be teased and then they use the all too overused "Coming Soon" label for it, and then at some point within the next year and a half we fans may or may not get a new project to enjoy.

With all of the frustration that Lil Wayne fans are enduring because of this Carter V fiasco, you would think Tez could ease up on us and just give it to us straight when it comes to a Lil Wayne mixtape release as big as Dedication 6. But nope. Still nothing.

That's why the only thing I'm asking for from Santa Clause this year is Dedication 6. It would fit perfect with Weezy's affinity for releasing around holidays, but business-wise it is a tough time to capture buzz with so much competition.

Here's to hoping that Santa can pull it off, and we Weezy fans can enjoy a long overdue new Lil Wayne project.

Merry Christmas!

Lil Wayne's Age is Still Unbelievable

Lil Wayne's age is one of the most impressive aspects of his legendary career. Having just turned 35 years young, Weezy has accomplished more in his 35 years of life so far than many of his peers will in a lifetime.

Lil Wayne Signs with Cash Money

Let's first consider the fact that Lil Wayne's age was just 12 years old when he signed his first record deal with Cash Money Records. To have a record deal with one of the most dominant labels in your city before you're even a teenager is an impressive feat. Add to the fact that he joined the Hot Boys at the age of 14 before he even started high school, and it's all the more impressive.

Lil Wayne Creates Bling Bling

At the age of 17, Lil Wayne created the phrase that would sweep the world for years to come: "bling bling." There was a point when no one in America could go a day without hearing someone use the word "bling," and Weezy was responsible.

Lil Wayne's First Platinum Record

Lil Wayne's age at the time of his first platinum record was 17 years old. So to put this in perspective, before Weezy could even legally smoke a cigarette, he had already released his debut record The Block is Hot, which would go on to sell 1.4 million copies worldwide to date.

Weezy Founds Young Money Records

Even against the advice of his mentor Birdman, Lil Wayne founded Young Money Records in the year of 2005, and the label imprint would ultimately go on to bring YMCMB as a whole to world dominance, with acts like Nicki Minaj and Drake. Lil Wayne's age at the time was 25 years old. So basically, Weezy founded his own company at the age of 25 that would go on to be the most successful record label imprint of the past two decades.

Lollipop, Lil Wayne's First #1 Hot 100 Hit

Lil Wayne's age was 26 at the time of the release of the Lollipop mega-hit. The song dominated radio waves for months, had parents singing to a song they didn't know the meaning to, and caused even more controversy (and jealousy) from 50 Cent. Many artists go their entire careers without a Billboard Top 100 #1, to have one at the age of 27 is special.

Tha Carter III Domination

The Carter 3 is one of the most significant rap albums in the past 20 years. It sold over one million copies in its first week of release, which was huge for a rapper to do at a time when no one was buying albums anymore. The album was also Weezy's first #1 on the Billboard 100. What was Lil Wayne's age for this feat? Only 26 years old.

12 Singles on the Hot 100 at the Same Time

Lil Wayne's age was 29 years old when he became the first solo artist EVER to have 12 appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. No solo act had ever achieved this number before, and only his protege Drake has since.

Lil Wayne Passes Elvis

In 2012 when Lil Wayne's age was 30 years old, he passed Elvis for most Billboard Hot 100 singles of all time with 109. (It's worth noting that Presley by far holds the lead for most singles by a lead act). Drake has since broken Weezy's record, but there Wayne goes again, breaking down barriers for his artists.

Lil Wayne's age continues to be an impressive aspect of his illustrious career. No rapper has done more from such a young age or kept the same consistency that Weezy has for the years following. The fact that he is only 35 now and still has years to add more to his life accomplishments in whatever arena he chooses, only bodes well for the Young Money New Orleans superstar.


lil wayne album tha carter 3

Complete List of Lil Wayne Albums

There are 11 total Lil Wayne albums in his iconic career, with hopefully many more on the way. Starting with Tha Block is Hot all the way back in 1999, ranging to the most recent 2016 effort of his Free Weezy Album (FWA). Weezy has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and supplied one of the most loyal of fan bases with consistent album output since he was 17 years old.

Lil Wayne's Latest Album: Free Weezy Album

lil wayne album fwa

FWA was a massively underrated masterpiece. With many songs focused on love without being "love songs," FWA is one of Lil Wayne's most introspective and musically soothing works to date. Coming at a time of high pressure and an extremely unpredictable future, Weezy put in an emotionally raw effort that resulted in an incredible album. With songs like Living Right ft. Wiz Khalifa, and London Roads, there's a smooth artfulness to Weezy's flow and cadence that feel 1000% in sync with the beats.

Heavy horns on My Hear Races On and some great vocals from Bibi Bourelly on Without You, support Wayne's more emotional romance-centered songs to provide some real substance from the love angle that Weezy doesn't usually produce for an entire song. You'll have to get Tidal to listen to it, but it's absolutely worth every penny to hear it.

I Am Not a Human Being II

lil wayne album ianahb2

IANAHB2 is an album that any real Lil Wayne fan will appreciate. It's full of Weezy's free-wheeling metaphors and similes that seemingly have no limits. Truthfully it was in a timeframe for Lil Wayne in which he wasn't as disciplined with his wordplay as he should have been.

He was almost bitten by his own poison by letting his figures of speech go so wild that many started to question them. It's a common problem for Weezy in this era of his work, including Sorry 4 the Wait and Tha Carter IV, not keeping a focused range on the metaphors and caused listeners to start to feel that he was choosing his rhymes in a lazy way. For example, in Gunwalk, Wayne rhymes "I can't fuck with these niggas, man these niggas gummy bears" and in Beat the Shit he rhymes "don't open ya mouth I'm a dentist." He also goes a little crazy with food references, such as "bust yo fucking grape nigga, turn yo ass to red wine."

However, the other side of that argument is that the lack of discipline in metaphor choice allowed Wayne to come up with some of his most creative lyrical moments. In Trippy Wayne rhymes "My skin crawling, my walls talking, the pictures in here looking at me. The ground moving, I'm seeing shit... I see lights flashing, lights passing, hot flashes, my tongue numb, I can't talk, no balance, my spine hurt, my mind surf, my eye jerk. I try different drugs, I'm diverse, goodbye Earth, farewell, high as Heaven, eyes low as Hell. Keep scratching, keep biting my nails, keep lighting the L's."

That style of "stream on consciousness rap" is one that only Lil Wayne can pull of in such a masterful way.

Tha Carter IV

lil wayne album tha carter iv

The Carter IV was a vastly underrated album, mainly because it came after Tha Carter III and had an impossible bill to live up to. Songs like 6' 7', Nightmares of the Bottom, President Carter, Two Shots, How to Hate, I Like the View, and It's Good, were all heavyweights that made this one of Wayne's best albums ever.

This album came out in a time when Lil Wayne hate started to become the popular thing to do, and unluckily for Weezy, the trend caught on like wildfire. However, some of the haters did have a point, which I mentioned above in the section about some of his rhymes being undisciplined. Lines like Blunt Blowin's "All about my riches, my name should be Richard" left more than a little to be desired from the second song on the most anticipated album of the year.

However, two lines later Weezy rhymes "Still got da vision like a line between two dots" and "yeah the tables turn but I'm still sitting at 'em." Later he raps "Why that? Why this? Why you on that Why shit? Motherfuckers ask me why I say 'YM!'".  And  in 6'7', Weezy spits too many legendary rhymes to even begin singling any out, as it would absolutely lead to me typing out the entire lyrics.

Overall, this is an outstanding album that never gets the credit it deserves.

I Am Not a Human Being

lil wayne ianahb

IANAHB is one of the most fun albums Wayne has ever made. Classic hits like Single, Gonorrhea, and Right Above It were pounding through the clubs during all of 2010. Lines like "Skinny pants and some vans, call me Triple A get my advance and advance" kept fan singing Lil Wayne songs without a break from Tha Carter III to No Ceilings to IANAHB.

With You is a nice change up from the love song angle which provided an interesting preview to what a Lil Wayne + Drake collaboration album could have looked like.


lil wayne album rebirth

Rebirth is one of the most hated on albums of all time, while at the same time being one of the most creative, innovative, and just plain entertaining rap albums of all time. There were major problems with it, but there were still plenty of high quality songs that made it better than almost any other rap album that came out in 2010.

I'm still of the belief that One Way Trip was one of the best songs that came out in 2010. The opening from Weezy "Beat the beat up till the beat get punch drunk, drown in my flow motherfucker bring ya swimming trunks. Everybody say they just do it, well I just don't. Times may change motherfucker but the gun don't." Later he brings the heat with "It's fucked up how you ain't never me. I got blind money, money you will never see. And only in the mirror's where you find a better me. I make money and my fingers make the letter B. I am very sick. Very sicker than you. And when I play sick, I'm Jordan with the flu."

Fan favorites like Knockout and Drop the World were commercial hits, but even the more experimental rock influences songs like Paradice, Da Da Da, and I'll Die for You were great songs that real Lil Wayne fans loved.

Tha Carter III

lil wayne album tha carter 3

What is there to say about Tha Carter III? One of the greatest rap albums of all time, it propelled Wayne into rap legend status and sold over a million copies in the first week. Hip Hop classics such as A Milli, Lollipop, Mr. Carter, La La, Let the Beat Build, and many others, put this album in a class of its own, probably the best rap album of its decade.

When the world eventually crowns Lil Wayne as the Greatest Rapper of All Time, this will be the album they reference.

Tha Carter II

lil wayne album tha carter 2

Tha Carter II is Lil Wayne's most southern rap album, and one that many feel is the most "true Weezy." This was the album where he told the world that he was coming for the title of Best Rapper Alive, and from this album on, he took no prisoners. When I listen to this album, I picture a young Jordan before winning a title, feeling hunger and fire in his stomach and knowing championships lay in the horizon.

The second Carter is a smash mouth rap album with force and fury. Great bluesy guitar feels a times, a soulful collaboration with Robin Thicke on Shooter, it manages to mix different styles and flows while still keeping a consistent structure throughout the whole album.

Wayne is an assassin on Hit Em Up, a smooth crooner on Hustler Musik, a Jamaican style king on Mo Fire, and a southern G with Money on My Mind.

This album will make you see some comparisons to later albums and wonder about the criticisms leveled at Weezy later in his career. Lines like "Dear Mr. Toilet, I'm the shit. Got these other haters pissed cuz my toilet paper thick" are what gave Wayne his massive fan base. He follows it up with "But trip in that 40, make a chip out of a potato head whip and then like ranch I dip." Those two lines are classic favorites, but if they were done in 2013, it seems like fans wouldn't appreciate them. It could be because people want to see more progression and variety.

Tha Carter

lil wayne album tha carter

Tha Carter was Lil Wayne's true coming out party as solo star. With one of his biggest hits ever, Go DJ, Lil Wayne hit radio waves and was there to stay. Other hits BM J.R. and I Miss My Dawgs, Weezy left no doubt that he had the potential to command space on the main stage of hip hop. Lesser known treats like Walk In, We Don't,  and Bring it Back make it a complete project worthy of fans love.

500 Degreez

This Lil Wayne album was a 21 song effort laden with jazzy southern beats, typical of the late 90's and Weezy's New Orleans surroundings. Manny Fresh is frequently heard on the tracks providing vocal back up, and a dynamic element to the production. Wayne's fast spitting flow is in it's prime here. Gangsta Shit ft. Petey Pablo features a lightning fast Weezy, even making a stylish mention of "Wipe Me Down" about 10 years before the future Lil Webbie hit.

lil wayne album 500 degrees

The album is representative of the school of hip hop that existed before the shift over to the early 2000's with the leadership of Nelly and Jay Z.

Lights Out

Get Off the Corner is certainly the best and most well known song from the album. Wayne takes the beat hostage and doesn't let up until the last second ticks off the track. It's a very young Weezy that many modern day Lil Wayne fans may not know, but the album is worth a listen for a lesson in the history of our beloved Weezy.


Lil Wayne's First Album: Tha Block is Hot

The Block is Hot is Lil Wayne's first solo album. There was plenty of support from other Hot Boyz B!G, Turk and Juvenille, as well as plenty of appearances from the Big Tymers. For his first solo album ever, this album is a nice throwback. No Lil Wayne fan's education is complete without a listen to this album. Fuck the World is a raw and emotional southern rap ballad, styled after the soulful artists of New Orleans and Houston at they time. Overall, it's an entertaining album, from a young and hungry future legend.



Lil Wayne News

Where is the best place to find Lil Wayne news?


The best website by far for Lil Wayne news has to be They report many of their stories before the major outlets and often have exclusive photos of private events and parties. They also keep an up to date record of new Weezy songs and features that outpaces any other music site on the web.


MTV may not play enough music videos, but they're still one of the leaders of the pack when it comes to online music news. Their large staff of writers and access to major events allows them the ability to write meaningful content about the music industry. MTV has maintained a pretty favorable view of Weezy throughout time, even partially deserving credit for rating him the Hottest Emcee in the game in 2007 and sparking quite a conversation at the time.


HotNewHipHop keeps their ear to the ground when it comes to rap and hip hop news, and their Lil Wayne news certainly doesn't lack. When it comes to rumors on release dates, news on features, or updates to new Lil Wayne albums, is certainly a go-to source for LilWayne news.

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Why Lil Wayne Doesn't Want His Bags Checked: Straight from Him

In track 14 from Lil Wayne's Dedication 3 Mixtape titled "the Do's and Don'ts of Young Money," Weezy explains exactly why he doesn't want any establishments asking to check his bags.

In the skit, Lil Wayne says:

"Man I hate.... Don't you ask to check nothing of mine. If I'm coming into your place of business, and you scheduled for me to be there, bitch I don't have to be there. I have a very nice home. You understand? And I... I... Boy look here. Just don't be trying to check me dude. I ain't trying to steal or hurt nobody in any of them places. Man I am rich as a motherfucker. That's the last thing I want is a confrontation or problem. I am trying to... I am trying... Son, don't check me."

After Weezy recently disappointed fans when he refused to perform at a South Carolina concert because security wouldn't allow him the exception of not going through the security checkpoint, many people are now questioning why Wayne wouldn't go though the check.

Most are linking his policy to his 2007 gun arrest in New York City, but you don't have to listen to many Weezy songs to hear references to what he keeps in those bags, and not many of them are legal.

Lil Wayne has been getting away with avoiding security checks for years, and I must say I agree with the logic that he has employed in his Dedication 3 skit. However, in the age of heightened security we live in today with terrorist attacks and mass shootings, you have to wonder if Weezy will continue to be able to stick to his old policy.

lil wayne new song like a man

Lil Wayne's New Song "Like a Man" Just Set 2017 on FIRE

Lil Wayne just released a new song that is one of his best songs of 2017 so far. Weezy always has such a great ability to make a song have pop appeal while still being authentic rap. On his new collaboration with ONHEL, Wayne tears the beat up with his blazing rhymes that are reminiscent of Dedication 5 Weezy.

He ups some old concepts, such as being a martian, by rapping about buying up all the property on Mars, and also uses one of his best lines from Curren$y's "Fat Albert" track, which was one of Lil Wayne's best verses of 2016. If you're looking for some refreshed faith in Weezy for 2017 and beyond, this track certainly won't let you down.

I also love Lil Wayne rapping over EDM beats and think he should do it more often. (Case and point, his performance on Grindin from the upcoming Tha Carter 5 Lil Wayne album). This song shows his mastery of any style of beat, and the EDM world should look out if he decides to start taking on more electronically influenced projects.

Songs like this make me excited about making "the best Lil Wayne songs of 2017" post which will be coming soon. Until then, enjoy this beast of a track and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Lil Wayne is Officially a Better Label Boss than Rick Ross

Rick Ross came out in an interview with the Breakfast Club and gave an off-the-cuff answer about why there are no females on MMG:

“I’m so focused on my business, you know, I gotta be honest with you. She's looking good, I'm spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta f**k a couple of times.”

This comment sickens me. How many photo shoots has Ross paid for for Wale, Meek Mill, Gunplay, or Rocky Fresh? How many studio sessions, promo parties, producers, or featured artists on tracks has he paid for? So how many times has he asked one of them to fuck him?

It's an unacceptable comment coming from a person who has rapped about using drugs to rape women, and also been accused of pistol-whipping a contractor doing work outside of his luxurious home.

The hip-hop world has never been a place of 100% equality. Male rappers rap about women in a degrading way the majority of the time, and for the most part female rappers rhyme about the same things. Take Young M.A.'s new track as a perfect example.

But in 2017, should we really still be letting people like Rick Ross keep the state of hip-hop stuck being so sexist and pathetic? Women who want to hip-hop need to feel empowered and have the full support of their bosses, not have to look over their shoulder and worry about when they're going to try and sexually assault them.

Take this post I wrote last month about Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj's relationship.  Nicki has nothing but nice and near worshipping comments to make about Weezy. From her time of being signed to Young Money Lil Wayne has been nothing but a mentor and virtual big brother.

Rick Ross may think he's keeping up his "boss" image and seeming like a "pimp to these hoes" by making comments like those he made at the Breakfast Club, but in reality, he's revealing his true nature as an asshole, and helping keep in place a sexist structure in hip-hop that should have died in the 90's.

Lil Wayne Went from Tattoo Ban to Being a Tattoo on Drake

Remember when Lil Wayne forbid Drake to get a tattoo?

"Whatever, man, whatever you do, do not get no tattoos never in your life. Don't change yourself, please."

According to Drake, that's what Weezy told him when he visited him in Riker's Island Prison in 2010.

Flash forward 7 years and Drake now has a tattoo of Lil Wayne's face on his left tricep.


A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

A lot can certainly change in 7 years. Drake has gone in and out of two beefs with Nicki Minaj, as well as a majorly hyped back and forth with Meek Mill. Wayne has also had his fair share of drama, with everything that's gone on with his law suit against Cash Money Records and his long delayed Carter 5 album.

But one thing that's remained the same, Lil Wayne and Drake's relationship has remained strong. Despite a supposed small disruption when Drake slept with Lil Wayne's ex girlfriend while he was in prison, the duo have kept their personal and business relationships healthy and prosperous.

Maybe part of the reason Drake got the tattoo was to make the commitment to himself to always remain loyal to Weezy. It can be difficult once you get success to always give credit where credit is due, especially when someone is taking a cut of all your paychecks and you already feel like you've paid your dues.

Another reason could be Drake's increasing move towards an image of someone with a bit more of a hard exterior. Drake has bulked up in recent years, accompanied with the buzz cut hairstyle and the more edgy facial hair. Although his appearance has gotten a bit edgier, tattoos included, Drake's music hasn't exactly shifted that way. As evidence, his last album was even criticized as being a bit too reflective and apologetic.

Either way, Drake is sending a serious message to the world of hip hop and beyond with this monstrous tattoo of Lil Wayne's face. The world is reminded that Lil Wayne and Drake are still a one-two punch that aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.