lil wayne workout songs playlist

Best Lil Wayne Workout Songs: The Playlist of Champions

Michael Phelps, Von Miller, Kobe Bryant, James Harden… many amazing athletes across the world have chosen Lil Wayne for the sacred time during their pre-game pump ups, and as motivation during grueling workouts. With everything from inspirational lyrics to blaring, heart-pounding bass, Weezy has some of the best music to keep you going.

I've seen some people (complete morons) on the internet say that Lil Wayne has no good workout songs. To those people, I say if you can't get jacked to these songs, you might be in need of more than a good playlist.

I'ma Go Getta, Lil Wayne Uknown Project

"I'm a riot, insane. I'm a lion my mane hangs down to my strangs and they're tied to the game."

The Sky is the Limit, Lil Wayne Da Drought 3

"I ain't gotta lie when I tell ya I'm the illest. My flow is nasty like C.Y. Phyllis."

(the Sky is the limit also has our #1 rated Lil Wayne quote of all time)

I Run This (Remix), Lil Wayne & Birdman 5 Star Stunna

"Hollygrove gangsta, Eagle St. animal, I'll have my goons jack-son like Samuel. If you want beef bring ya cows I will cattle you, yeah I see you player but I'm the most valuable."

Back on My Grizzy, Lil Wayne Da Drought 3:

"You ain't satisfied til ya son'll be calling, telling you where to leave the money in the morning. Okay, you want a zombie movie instead? That's when ya walk in ya house and everybody dead."

Right Above It, Lil Wayne IANAHB

"I smoke til I got chest pains, and all of my riders do not give a fuck. #xgames. Guns turn you boys into pussies. #sexchange"

I'm Raw, Lil Wayne Carter 3 Leak

"I only leave my house to paper chase, yup, off to the jungle, where I feel safe."

Big Wings, Lil Wayne No Ceilings 2

"Fuck with me wrong and get hit up, we hit every block and we hit all ya men up. She do every squat and she do every sit up, she dance every day and she pick every bit up."

"I work every day and I sip when I get up, yeah you heard what I said 'I sip when I get up' and work every, I'm a hell of a nigga. Smoking that loud they just yell at a nigga."

Hit 'Em Up, Lil Wayne Tha Carter 2

"Throwing up fingers saying 'my side rules.' If a nigga disagree that's why my side proves. That Maybach coup a cock-eyed fool."

Ice Cream Paint Job, Lil Wayne No Ceilings 

"Finger on the button, nigga just stuntin if ya ain't the bank teller don't tell me nothing."

We Be Steady Mobbing, Lil Wayne IANAHB2

"Big house, long hallways, got 10 bathrooms I can shit all day."

Watch My Shoes, Lil Wayne No Ceilings

"Got a lot more shit than you could ever fathom, a big head nigga couldn't even imagine."

SportsCenter, Lil Wayne Dedication 2

"Swallow ya whistle, make a nigga ride with the pistol cuz the fakest niggas ride with a pistol. Even if I die old I'ma die with a pistol and if ya stand over my body I'll probably kill you."

I'm Going In, Lil Wayne IANAHB

"Bad to the bristle, hat to the rizzle, I'm so official all I need is a whistle."

A Milli, Lil Wayne Tha Carter 3

"I do what I do and you do what you can do about it."

DOA, Lil Wayne No Ceilings

"Young or old there ain't no comparing me. I just cleared that up, Moment of Clarity."

My Name Is, Lil Wayne No Ceilings 2

"I pour up so much they call me 'poor baby,' Kush man I need a sack like Charles Haley. Sippin' to the Big Mo 'I'm the Bar Baby."

(My Name Is was one of Weezy's best songs of 2015, check out Lil Wayne's best songs of 2016)

6' 7', Lil Wayne Tha Carter 4

"I lost my mind, it's somewhere out there stranded. I think you stand under me if you don't understand me."

"Paper chaser tell that paper 'Look I'm right behind ya!', real G's move in silence like Lasagna."

You Ain't Know, Lil Wayne & Birdman Like Father Like Son

"Put it on the hood, I'm Hollygrove to death. I'm already good, I'm working on my left.  A jungle on my wrist, a circus on my neck. Don't forget the Baby? No. Don't forget the F!"

Stuntin, Lil Wayne Dedication 3

"Cheap ass apartment just the kitchen I need, and 18 G's is why the chicken crossed the street. What ya know bout it? My niggas so bout it, if you kill everybody they can go to court about it."

UOENO, Lil Wayne Dedication 5

"I know you want a pat on the back but then them fools gon' see you choke."

Get 'Em (Dedication 2), Lil Wayne Dedication 2

"Walking that line with a lot on my mind, I get that money never dropping a dime. I don't hate, never, not on my time. I put that little red dot on ya mind. Talking that crime but a lot of em lyin."

(Dedication 2 is on our list of first mixtapes you should check out when getting into Lil Wayne)

Georgia Bush/ Ambitionz az a Ridah, Lil Wayne Dedication 2

"So what happened to the levees why wasn't they steady, why wasn't they able to control this? I know some folks that live by the levees that keep on tellin me they heard explosions."

Knuck If You Buck (freestyle), Lil Wayne ft. Mack Maine, Curren$y Dedication 2

"Challenge me, that'd be to my advantage. I'm outstanding like standing outside up in a twister, I walk and I damage."

Seat Down Low, Lil Wayne Da Drought 3

"Candy on candy, gripping the grain. See I am the only fire that can live in the rain. I am so, so New Orleans. Like 1825 Tulane."

I'm Me, Lil Wayne The Leak

"Last year they had the Grammy's and left me in Miami, sleeping on a nigga like I'm rapping in my jammy's. I'm rapping when you sleep, I was rapping when you was in jammy's!"

Trap House, Lil Wayne Sorry 4 the Wait 2

"Got a goon named Fernando at the front do' of yo' Condo. Knock knock. Who's there? He don't care he psycho!"

Sorry 4 the Wait, Lil Wayne Sorry 4 the Wait

"Fuck y'all, for real though. Sleep with the hammer under the pillow. Get her to the room, bend her over like a elbow. Soon as I'm done I peel off like velcro."

Rollin', Lil Wayne Sorry 4 the Wait

"My gat bang yo hat hang, I ride off with Mack Maine. I drink Patron straight you niggas keep that Champagne... I come to yo show and kill you and yo hype man."

Run This Town, Lil Wayne No Ceilings

"I get superhero money, call a nigga super rich. Keep it super for a while, let me get on my super shit. Super ill, super sick, dog, I go super Vick. Ran into a super woman, she turned to a super bitch. Hit her with that super dick. She be coming super quick.... Now I'm off that super shit. Fuck that shit I super quit."

If this playlist doesn't get you pumped, no playlist will.

lil wayne and comedians

Comedians Love to Joke About Lil Wayne

Comedians love to make jokes about Lil Wayne. It’s been that way for a while now. Big names such as Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Katt Williams and many more, they just love to rag on the king.

Now some comedians clearly love Weezy, and that’s why they use him in their sets. It’s good for him, increased exposure and it also keeps him relevant. Most comedians have switched to making fun of Drake these days (let’s face it, he gives them lots of material), but Lil Wayne is still one of the biggest names in rap.

This post is a grouping of many of the comedy bits out there containing his highness the Greatest Rapper of All Time.

1. Dean Edwards [Dean Edwards - Lil Wayne (Stand Up Comedy) - YouTube](

Dean raps about how little he has in common with Lil Wayne due to his changing fashion and the fact that he may be too old to call himself “Lil” Wayne anymore. He also says he met Weezy, which had to be a fun conversation.

2. Jimmy O. Yang [How to start beef with Lil Wayne - Jimmy O. Yang (standup) - YouTube](

Jimmy O. Yang yaks it up about how rappers are getting uglier and compares Lil Wayne to a character from his favorite childhood movie, “the gremlins.”

3. Tony Roberts [Tony Roberts Lil Wayne Makes No Sense - YouTube](

Tony Roberts remarks about how it seems like Lil Wayne is the only rapper in the world since almost all Hip Hop songs feature him on them. A common theme from Weezy’s feature heavy days. He also calls Wayne a genius and takes his own crack at rapping.

4. Jay Pharaoh [Comedian Jay Pharoah Imitates Obama, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Chris Rock & Denzel Washington - YouTube](

Jay Pharaoh kicks it with Sway in the Morning and does a spot-on impression of Jay Z, and two killer ones of Obama and Denzel. That’s pretty good company for the younger Mr. Carter to find himself in, even if it’s not really him. His Lil Wayne impression, though, in my opinion, is horrible.

5. Katt Williams [Katt Williams owns Lil Wayne Hella Funny!! - YouTube](

2008 Katt Williams cries to Lil Wayne’s hook on Duffle Bag Boy because he got too high. If you’re familiar with the Katt Daddy, you can probably imagine how this one’s gonna go.

6. Chris Tucker [Chris Tucker Disses Lil’ Wayne - YouTube](

Chris Tucker, still most famous for his complete hilarity in the Rush Hour series, dances to Lollipop on stage and does some Lil Wayne teasing on stage. 2008-2009 really was when Weezy was at the height of his complete dominance of the rap and hip-hop community, and these types of things show it. These are old people making jokes about Lil Wayne just because he’s so relevant. It’s just like Obama shouting him out on his campaign trail, you couldn’t be alive and in front of an audience and not reference Lil Wayne.

Know another comedian that references Lil Wayne? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll include it on this list.

lil wayne ty montgomery

Ty Montgomery Has Lil Wayne Thinking About Names

Ty Montgomery's 2 TD and 162 yds on 16 carries in the Packers game against their hated rivals the Bears has Lil Wayne thinking about naming a future child or album after the emerging NFL talent.

It might be a premature, as Montgomery had only 23 yds on 9 carries this week. But hey, Ty's only 23 himself, and it might be worth naming a kid after him just because he's a running back with an odd number of #88, usually a number reserved for wide receivers and tight ends.

Lil Wayne has 4 kids in his family at the moment, but you never know when the family could get just a little bit bigger. He's stated many times in his raps that he doesn't want 5 children, but as we all know, sometimes that's not up to you.

He's also said that his next album is going to be called "The Funeral" so for now I'm just gonna chalk this claim up to Weezy being a little stoked about the Packers doing well. But if Ty Montgomery pulling off a crazy 200 yd plus game in the future will get Wayne to drop a new project, I'm all for it!

lil wayne drug dealer didn't listen

Busted Drug Dealer Failed to Listen to Lil Wayne's Warning

In Lil Wayne's 2014 song "Hot Nigga" he raps the following warning to drug dealers:

"I hope you know the Feds got Instagram, they liking every photo that ya take nigga!"

Apparently, recently alleged drug dealer Cuban Harry didn't listen to the Sorry 4 the Wait 2 track because his arrest came after posting this photo to his Instagram account:

lil wayne miami drug dealer


Now, I'm no expert in the drug game, but I have listened to Biggie's 10 Crack Commandments, and I'm almost positive this breaks at least four of them.

If you're supposedly in charge of a crime ring involved in the burglary of dozens of pharmacies in the Miami area, I would think that at least you had seen enough gangster movies to know not to get too flashy. I mean, Denzel (Frank Lucas) got busted just for wearing a Chinchilla coat to a boxing match in American Gangster, so the threshold for flashiness from drug dealers is obviously pretty low.

Ultimately for Weezy fans, you have to hope that there's nothing of substance (yes pun intended ;) ) tieing this bust to Lil Wayne, as there's already a number of articles mentioning Garcia's ties to Weezy and Chris Brown.

Chris Brown is still fresh with legal troubles following the controversy involving armed police being called to his house because of a 911 call from a woman claiming there was gun violence at Brown's home.

Wayne, on the other hand, has been supposedly suffering more from the medical effects of lean than the criminal ones, as TMZ reports that his most recent seizures were related to his Codeine use. Weezy's been critical in the past of TMZ though, and therefore I take their reporting with a grain of salt, although sometimes celebrities do label media reports as inaccurate out of anger about their personal business being made public, even if it is 100% true.

These stories tend to worry Weezy fans though, who struggle to keep the balance of trying to mind their own business and let Wayne do his own thing, and keep him from becoming yet another superstar whose life has been claimed by Heroin-related drugs.

So here's to those fans, and to hoping Wayne can handle his business. And one last note to all the drug dealers out there, don't forget the 10 Crack Commandments, and at least heed the advice of the rappers you are allegedly supplying!

top 10 lil wayne quotes of all time

Top 10 Lil Wayne Quotes of All Time

With 11 studio Lil Wayne albums released… over 30 mixtapes with over 1000 songs… and over 100 Billboard Hot 100 appearances…

Only 10 quotes survived.

The Top 10 Lil Wayne quotes of all time:

top 10 lil wayne quotes of all time

1. The Sky is the Limit

“I’m probably in the sky, flying with the fishes, or maybe in the ocean swimming with the pigeons, because my world is different like Dwayne/Wayne, and if you want the trouble bitch I want the same thing.” -Lil Wayne

2. I’m Me

“The only time I will depend is when I’m 70 years old. That’s when I can’t hold my shit within, so I shit on myself cuz I’m so sick and tired of shittin’ on e’erbody else.” -Lil Wayne

3. Mr. Carter

“Got spring hatin’ on me cuz I ain’t never sprung, got summer hatin’ on me cuz I’m hotter than the Sun, winter hatin’ on me cuz I’m colder than y’all, and I will never I will never I will never fall. I’m being hated by the seasons, so fuck y’all who hatin- for no reason.” -Lil Wayne

4. I’m Raw

“I’m a BET soldier and MTV gangsta and I will be on VH1 when I’m done being famous.” -Lil Wayne

5. Damn I’m Cold

“1-2-3 way, 4-4 makes 8, 9 times out of 10 it’s an 11 or a 12 gauge. Friday the 13th, that’s the day that hell raised, but y’all boys too weak, like 14 days.” -Lil Wayne

6. Live from the 504

“And to them kids drugs kill I’m acknowledging that, but when I’m on them drugs I don’t have a problem with that.” -Lil Wayne

7. We Takin’ Over

“I am the beast, feed me rappers and feed me beats.” -Lil Wayne

8. Knuck if You Buck Freestyle

“Mama said tuck ya chain son they’ll take it… I hit her with one of them stale faces like: ‘I’ll be damned Mama they know who I am Mama, I’m still ya little boy but to them I’m the man mama.'” -Lil Wayne

9. Beat Without Bass

“My leather so soft but don’t think I ain’t hard. They say Weezy make it rain but I say ‘Bitch I ain’t God!'” -Lil Wayne

10. Beat Without Bass

“You old ass rappers better stay on tour. You’re like 44, I’m 24, I got a 44, I could merck you and then come home when I’m 44!” -Lil Wayne

(for video see above)

What do you think? Agree, disagree? Respond in the comments with your Top 10 list.

lil wayne quote you ain't bout dat life

Is Lil Wayne Preparing for a 2nd ’08-like Run of New Music?

Is Lil Wayne preparing for an ’08 like run of new content releases with his upcoming The Funeral, rumored Dedication 6, long awaited Tha Carter 5, and others… all because of the music streaming revolution?

Weezy was said to have so much music ready to go for Tha Carter 5 that he was considering splitting the album into two parts. With enough music to fill two discs, one would think there has to be enough left-over music from the final result to make at least one good mixtape.

He also told DJ Drama on Shade 45 that he had a ton of music without a project name yet, and that they “might as well just make it Dedication 6.”

But with this new promised release of The Funeral, I wonder if he didn’t just go ahead and decide to make that music the funeral, and start from scratch on a new Dedication that would have a more authentically “Dedication-ish” feel.

Dedications are always very similar in format. Drama has to ad-lib some stuff (although it’s become lessened in the last two) and Wayne has to do some aside skits or monologs.

If they tried to just take any old project and crudely slap a “Dedication” title on it, the fans would surely be less than pleased, especially since some fans were disappointed in the way No Ceilings 2 didn’t have quite enough 4 minute plus hard charging freestyles that the first installment was made legendary with.

So this has me thinking, what is Lil Wayne planning to do with all this content? Recently, artists such as Future and Young Thug have become masters at the “Freemium” music marketing model that Weezy basically invented. However, their mastery comes in the way that they’ve been able to get paid for their free content.

By releasing a mixtape that listeners can enjoy on their chosen streaming networks, such as Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music, these artists have been able to get paid for work that would have previously been released as “free” available for download on mixtape sites such as DatPiff or others.

By using original beats instead of other artists hits, they can pay for their beat up front (or not, as many artists are inclined) and then reap the royalty rewards over time as their fans stream the latest tape.

Nowadays it’s more convenient for listeners to listen to a mixtape on their streaming service than it is for them to download the tape, so artists can release mixtape and albums with virtually no difference.

Except the difference that comes with the amount of hype involved. And with Weezy, everything he releases comes with a significant amount of hype.

But Wayne has been in a bit of a lull release-wise. No Ceilings 2 came out last September, and aside from the joint 2 Chainz project Collegrove and a good number of features, Wayne has been very quiet.

Which brings me back to my earlier question: What is Lil Wayne planning with all this content?

My theory: I believe he is waiting for his contract situation to be settled in a way that ensures he will be properly compensated for his streaming royalties. As of now, he has reportedly been getting cut out of large sums of his royalties by Birdman and company, and he’s making damn sure that he’s the one doing the cutting when his possibly biggest project yet, Tha Carter 5 is released.

So as the rumors of new Lil Wayne album releases are spread, expect Tune to have a calculated plan for releasing these new projects, through streaming services, that allow for consistent revenue, for spread out periods of time, and support new tours.

The schedule will most likely culminate in an out of nowhere announcement that Tha Carter 5 will be released in a month or so, right when Wayne is at the height of this soon to be begun ’08 like run.

Now, will it truly be an ’08 like run? Absolutely not. Why? Because part of the magic of Weezy’s run in ’08 was that no one had ever produced like that before. Part of the greatness was the shock and innovation of it.

Will the millions of hater who’ve come out of the woodworks in the past 6 years because it’s trendy to dislike Lil Wayne go away, or better yet praise his music? Absolutely not. So much of Wayne’s situation will remain the same.

However, for a die-hard Lil Wayne fan, the thought of a year or more of consistently released new content leading up to the eventual release of Tha Carter 5, can’t be beat in my mind.

lil wayne get it shawty remix quote

How Lil Wayne Has Influenced the Hip Hop We Know Today

Lil Wayne has influenced the Hip Hop we know today in many ways. His use of mixtapes to promote albums and his style of making freestyles into songs are two of the most evident in rap today. However, one of the most notable innovations Weezy brought rap was his popularizing of rapping with autotune.

The use of autotune as a stylistic effect instead of a hidden pitch correcting software can largely be attributed to T-Pain and the 2007 song “Buy U a Drank.” When T-Pain came on the scene, most people who weren’t in the music industry were asking questions like “How does he make his voice sound like that?” and “What is that robotic/computerized sound that T-Pain has?” After the popularity of T-Pain exploded, and the use of AutoTune in Hip Hop with him, many other big name artists began to experiment with the sound.

Kanye West released songs such as “Love Lockdown” and “Heartless” in 2008 on his album “808’s and Heartbreak.” The album’s hits featured much more of Kanye singing than rapping, and Kanye even performed the songs live with and without live AutoTune. The experimental sound was a huge success for West as he sold more than 450,000 copies of the album in the first week.

2008 also saw Lil Wayne beginning to experiment with the sound. He was featured on the T-Pain hit “Can’t Believe It” in which he largely “sung” his verse with a very heavy layer of AutoTune. Also in 2008, Weezy released the successful DJ Drama collaboration “Dedication 3” in which almost every one of his verses were rapped using AutoTune. This was the first time Wayne had used AutoTune on an entire project and it was a huge success, although the heavy use of AutoTune sparked a large amount of mixed criticism and praise.

The following year saw Lil Wayne’s life and career change with the release of “Tha Carter III” and the world shattering moment when sales topped one million in the first week. The third installment in the Carter series featured the chart smashing hit “Lollipop” which had Weezy using again a heavy dose of AutoTune with a style that radio listeners loved. Aside from Lollipop, AutoTune was also used on other songs including “Got Money” and “U Ain’t Got Nothin”. Wayne used the AutoTune mostly for hooks and still reserved his raps for AutoTuneless Weezy style spitting.

It was Weezy’s next project that arguably marked the transition of his use of AutoTune from fad to permanent staple and mainstay of Hip Hop. No Ceilings.

In October of 2009 just months after the release of Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne released No Ceilings and it quickly became one of Weezy fan’s favorite projects. The mixtape featured Weezy rapping with AutoTune on almost every song and in ways that no rapper had previously used the effect. Wayne used it to create a new layer to the music that went with the beats and added an extra layer of smoothness to his tracks. Since No Ceilings Lil Wayne has seemingly never looked back. Projects as recent as Free Weezy Album and Sorry 4 the Wait 2 have both seen AutoTune used in a dominant way. Even songs from the unreleased Carter V showed evidence of heavy AutoTune usage such as Grindin’.

Since Lil Wayne perfected using AutoTune in rapping he has changed the game in Hip Hop since. Artists such as Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug, Fetti Wap, Big Sean, Drake, Chris Brown, have all used AutoTune when rapping and many have adopted it to their permanent style. Rich Homie Quan’s first hit “Typa Way” was an AutoTune laced track with Weezy’s influence all over it. What would Young Thug’s “Stoner” have been without AutoTune? Would people even be able to understand Young Thug’s rapping without AutoTune?

Artists today like Rae Sremmurd and ILoveMakonnen use AutoTune as a core part of their style and no one batts an eyelash, realizing that it’s now a staple in Hip Hop. A staple in rap, created by Lil Wayne.

lil wayne 50 cent quote

50 Cent's Opinion of Lil Wayne

Is 50 Cent Changing His Tune on Lil Wayne?

It’s been many years since Lil Wayne’s beef with 50 Cent when 50 famously called Weezy a “whore”. However, 50 seems to have changed his point of view on Lil Wayne. Whether it’s 50’s twilight years retrospective or the fact that he himself has become the victim of a forced “washed up” phase in his career, there is no question that 50 cent is a vocal supporter of Weezy F. Baby.

In 2007 when speaking with Funkmaster Flex, 50 Cent called Lil Wayne a “whore” saying “A whore sleeps with whoever will pay ‘em. So we gotta call him a whore. If he’ll just go with whoever pay him to be on their records.” It wasn’t all hate however, 50 added “He makes those records good. It’s just that he works with anybody. You gotta kinda make it an event.”

This was a time when unbeknownst to 50 Cent, his career was in decline. He was preparing for a September 11th album release showdown with Kanye West in which he challenged Kanye saying that if Kanye outsold him he would retire from rapping. Kanye’s “Graduation” outsold 50’s “Curtis” 957,000 to 691,000 in 2007. Now to be fair, 691,000 copies is more than anyone in today’s rap industry is selling, but for a guy who said he would retire if he didn’t outsell Kanye, it was a pretty large defeat.

In the time following that diss of Lil Wayne and the loss to Kanye with “Curtis”, a lot of lyrical back and forth dissing ensued. In Lil Wayne and Birdman’s “S on My Chest” Wayne spat “I’m a whore, you know that I’m a whore” and “If you say you want beef then I got ya boy! I just let the Big Mac Whop-a-boy”. And in “Louisianimal”, Weezy got a bit more personal rapping “I’m all about a dollar, fuck two quarters! I pour syrup in ya Vitamin Water.”

Lil Wayne was quoted saying that Pimp C had advised him not to respond to the disses, that the only person that benefitted was the person who dissed you in the first place, so for a good while Weezy didn’t respond to the beef instigation, but it seemed that at a certain point he’d had enough.  Lil Wayne’s view on beefing has always been well summed up in his quote from “I’m Blooded” in which he stated “they barking at the dog, but I don’t bite back. I ain’t CPR I ain’t bringing they life back.” This quote aims to say that Lil Wayne has always realized that most of the time people diss you it’s because they are looking to piggy back off of your brand equity. The goal is that 50 Cent disses Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne disses him back, and then the media attention brings 50 Cent’s name back into the limelight. If Weezy never responds however, 50 Cent is left looking desperate as someone who is only seeking attention and Lil Wayne doesn’t even see as a current threat.

Now, I’m not criticizing 50 Cent or insinuating that he only attacked Lil Wayne out of desperation. 50’s M.O. has always been to beef and murder. He always had a loyal fanbase and he used it to bully other artists, he was very successful with this tactic. It seems now in retrospect, that 50 was threatened by Lil Wayne and didn’t understand his business model. Appearing on the enormous quantity of songs that Lil Wayne did from 2007-2011 is something that had never been done before, and probably never will be done again. Most rappers at the time thought Lil Wayne would suffer from over-exposure and that his fan base, or at least his casual fans, would eventually tire from his sound and his verses, and eventually turn to hate him.

The opposite happened. The Carter III sold over 1 million copies in its first week (in a time when no rapper sold 1 million copies in a month, even despite a major track leak!), and Lil Wayne’s fan base grew to the image of millions of addicts that fiended for new Lil Wayne music whenever they could get it. Wayne fed fans with feature after feature, mixtape after mixtape, and seemingly never stopped, until prison.

But the tune of 50 cent towards Lil Wayne has certainly changed now. After multiple appearances on Shade 45 and speaking with Angie Martinez, 50 has made numerous complimentary statements of Lil Wayne, just recently stating he doesn’t think Lil Wayne has ever fallen off. One has to wonder though, not only is 50 giving Wayne credit for now being an un-disputable OG and one of the greatest rappers of all time, but is 50’s current position as a “former great” forcing him to keep from insulting the likes of the Lil Wayne’s and Jay Z’s of the world. Is the only status that 50 Cent has left in Hip Hop that of a former great? And if that’s true, does 50 realize that he needs the support and alliance of other former/current greats such as Weezy and Hov to stay in that role and not be outcast?

Obviously the likes of Eminem and Dr. Dre are not going to abandon 50 Cent. They were partially responsible for his rise to power in the first place, and it would hurt their legacies as the artists who signed him to now have his legacy be one of former greatness. But legends such as Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Nas, have no stock in the well-being of the legacy of 50 Cent. It would seem that in the now fading limelight of 50 Cent’s career, he’s taking great care that the future Tupac’s of the Hip Hop world such as Lil Wayne, have no reason to alienate him and keep him from being remembered in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame. As long as 50 can keep in the good graces of those artists, it bodes well for him for riding off into the sunset as a rap legend.

So, yes. 50 Cent has changed his tune on Lil Wayne, and he has changed his tune to a very loud, pro Lil Tunechi, tune.

lil wayne carter quote

The First Three Lil Wayne Mixtapes You Should Listen To

When it comes to Lil Wayne’s music, there’s more inventory than the grocery section of a Wal-Mart Supercenter. He’s featured on albums that date back to the late 90’s, and his mixtapes have been the standard in quality since 2005.

So if you’re a casual Lil Wayne fan looking to dive into a deeper appreciation of Lil Wayne music, here are the first three mixtapes you should listen to:

1. Da Drought 3 - 2007    Da Drought 3 was the two-disc masterpiece that propelled Lil Wayne to a position of dominance in the rap and hip-hop genre. He was already a force to be reckoned with after Dedication 2 and Tha Carter 2, however, Da Drought 3 was the mixtape that gave every Lil Wayne fan limitless ammunition in the form of insane quotes to back up his claim of being the Best Rapper Alive.

It was during this period of greatness that Lil Wayne took every popular song that was out and made people forget, and possibly not even care, who the original artist was that made the song. Tracks such as “The Sky is the Limit” and “Back on My Grizzy” completely captured their beats and made songs that were far better and more impactful than their originals.

The incredibly overused ‘so and so killed that song’ was originally made applicable when used to describe Lil Wayne’s mixtape version of songs.

There were songs such as “Walk it Out,” “Boom,” and “King Kong,” that followed very similarly the flow and cadence of the original track. However, songs like “Live from the 504” and “Ride 4 My Niggas" (Sky is the Limit) in which Lil Wayne basically made completely new songs.

Start with disc one of Da Drought 3 and listen through every track, and you quickly and easily see the greatness of Lil Wayne and what truly makes Weezy a truly unique force within Hip-Hop.

2. No Ceilings - 2009

No Ceilings is argued by man to be Lil Wayne’s best mixtape. (Argued mainly against the aforementioned Da Drought 3) While Da Drought 3 introduced a huge part of the Hip-Hop community to the creative metaphor-driven rapping that was its future, No Ceilings features the same creativity with a new level of polish and ferocity.

Part one of the now sequeled series was a 21 track assault on any other rapper at the time who fancied themselves a better rapper than Weezy. With songs like “Ice Cream” being blared constantly out of car stereos for the next year, and others such as “Watch My Shoes” and Gucci Mane’s “Wasted,” Lil Wayne was able to take songs that were already immensely popular and had already run their course of hotness, and then completely revitalize them to give the tracks seemingly second lives.

Weezy also showed he wasn’t afraid to cover beats from the games biggest stars, doing his own versions of Jay Z’s “DOA” (Death of Autotune) and even Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface.”

If you’re looking to get a taste of the never before seen greatness that was Lil Wayne from the years 2007-2010, Da Drought 3 and No Ceilings are a ribeye steak and some crab legs.

3. Dedication 2 - 2006

Dedication 2 is one of Weezy's older mixtapes, but still one of his best to date. It's a different style of Weezy than many of today's fans may be used to. There's no autotune, not much singing, just Weezy going hard and on fire. He holds nothing back and spits his raw southern ferocity onto some of his greatest classics, inlcuding Georgia Bush/Ambitionz az a Rida, and Get 'Em (Dedication 2).

These mixtapes are full of metaphors and similes for days, as well as clever sports, pop-culture, and even political references. You’ll hear a few well pointed disses, such as two to Gillie da Kid who claimed to have ghost-written much of Lil Wayne’s Carter I and prior material.

Enjoy these mixtapes as you begin your Lil Wayne education, and watch his evolution from these tapes into the classic that was Tha Carter III, and his later more introspective works like the Free Weezy Album (FWA.)

Check out some of the tracks from these mixtapes included on our Lil Wayne workout playlist here.

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6 Things About Lil Wayne You Wouldn't Tell Your Mom

You can debate how the following statement reflects upon today’s society on a different blog, however, Lil Wayne is a living legend and hero to many young people in America.

Weezy is the man who made metaphors must haves in rap, the man who brought the simile back to your memory from 3rd grade writing class, and also the man who made smoking blunts look almost irresistible to millions who watched his appearances in music videos.

While for years young kids had to hide rap cd’s like they were playboy magazines, Lil Wayne was one of the first rappers to be embraced by many open-minded parents who used lyrics to A Milli as their admission to the “Cool Parents Club.”

Even if you are one of those lucky kids who has parents that share in your Lil Wayne affinity, you may want to hide the following aspects of his background from the parentals.

1. Lil Wayne lost his virginity at age 11.

In a candid-camera moment during The Carter: Documentary, Weezy tells a young Lil Twist the story of when he was willingly taken advantage of by an older girl when he was 11.

What a tough life young Wayne lived.

While 11 may be strikingly young for most people, Chris Brown claims he lost his virginity at age 8. The details of that encounter are probably better left untold.

(Read about Lil Wayne and Chris Brown’s relationship through the years here)

2. Weezy’s been arrested twice.

Tunechi has only been to prison once, thankfully, but he has been arrested on two separate occasions. One arrested occurred in New York City which was the arrest that led to his prison sentence. The other arrest was outside of Yuma, Arizona, in which he was arrested for possessing Marijuana, Cocaine, and Ecstasy.

He pled guilty in 2010, but was only sentenced to 36 months probation. He did have one close call in Texas in which he was detained by border patrol for possession of Marijuana.

3. Lil Wayne has a sex tape.

If you’re interested in seeing Lil’ Wayne in nothing but some white tube socks, there’s a sex tape circulating the interwebs in which Weezy allegedly was filmed having sex with two different women at the same time.

Wayne threatened legal action to the first companies that expressed plans to put the video live, those companies refrained. However, now you can see the blurry video if your heart desires.

4. He’s a High School Dropout.

If your mom finds this one out, don’t be alarmed, you’ve got some ammo. While he did originally drop out of school, he later earned his GED and took college classes on campus at the University of Houston. Even though he attended U of H before his national fame set in, he was already a pretty big star in the south. The distraction of his presence ultimately proved to be too much and he stopped attending classes.

5. Lil Wayne went against his mother’s wishes to continue rapping.

When Weezy was young his mother found his notebook full of written down raps and took it away from him. She didn’t approve of a path with him rapping due to the lifestyles of the rappers in New Orleans at that time.

After that event, Wayne never wrote down another lyric. From that point on he has recorded as he goes while in the booth. His mother doesn’t seem to mind his rapping now ;)

6. Weezy had his first kid when he was 16.

Every Lil’ Wayne fan knows about Reginae Carter. Wayne’s been so proud of her throughout her life, that she frequently gets shout outs in songs, and for her own 16th birthday party he threw her a huge Super Sweet Sixteen with MTV.

So if your mom finds out Tunechi got a girl pregnant at 16, just go on to tell her how great of a dad he’s been since. To read about Lil Wayne's kids read our article here.

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Does Lil Wayne Use Ghost Writers the Same Way as Drake?

What exactly is Weezy's version of "Collaboration" between friends?

With the recent accusations made by Meek Mill that Drake doesn’t write the entirety of his verses and what seems like proof from the Funkmaster Flex Quentin Miller reference track leak, people are starting to dig into the practices of using ghostwriters or credited “collaborators” by other major artists including Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

Inevitably, if you become a big enough star in Rap, especially if you’re known as a great lyricist, people will wonder if you have a ghostwriter. Artists have been using and falsely accused of using ghostwriters for years. Some artists use ghostwriters openly. Many artists have admitted to writing for big names such as Dr. Dre and Diddy, who are both more known for organization and production rather than their lyrical abilities. But when artists such as Lil Wayne and Drake, rise to the top of Rap on the back of awe-inspiring lyrics, people naturally start to wonder if the lyrics are all coming from the named artist’s noodle. Most of the time these rumors are exactly that, rumors, but many times where’s there’s smoke there’s fire.

We’ve decided to compare the writing credits of five songs from Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” album to five popular Weezy songs. Those songs are: A Milli, 6’7’, Love Me, Rich as Fuck, and Grindin’. The songs have to be from songs of officially released albums as the writing credits of mixtapes and free albums are not always released.

When you read the list below you will see that both artists work with about the same number of people for each song. However, most of the artists listed in the credits of Lil Wayne’s tracks are producers, many of which he has little contact with. Every time a beat is sent from one producer to another and small changes are made to it, that producer gets a writing credit. When looking at songs like “A Milli”, the only listed credits are Bangladesh for the production, and the sample/lyric reference from A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Jones-Muhammad. The rest of the songs follow suit, Lil Wayne with the rapping, multiple producers, and then the required credit to the writer of the original sample. There are no consistent Quentin Miller’s popping up, or miscellaneous writers that Wayne has connections to. If Weezy is having other people help him with his lyrics, they are definitely not getting credited on the songs. Which means either Lil Wayne writes all of his lyrics himself (which is our belief), or he is using the traditional sense of Ghostwriters in which they get compensated but not credited.

Drake’s writing credits tell a different story. Quentin Miller appears on four of the tracks listed below as a writer. Quentin is not known as a producer so it is unlikely that he is doing any production work on the beats, especially since Drake’s primary producer and friend Noah Shebib “40” recently stated he had only met Quentin Miller one time. Along with Miller is Canadian poet Kenza Samir who Drake stated he writes with. 

"She's a great girl and a phenomenal poetry writer. We just sit together and come up with the best way to say things. Actually, me and her did [the lyric] 'love people and use things and not the other way around.' It's cool to get another creative mind in there, just someone who's thinking solely about the words and not the melodies and placement. It's nice to read her poetry sometimes, I'll take from that."

Aside from Quentin Miller, there are no other consistent credited artists that appear in the credits. There is a wide variety of producers and samples, but as far as regular contributors to his lyrics, that doesn’t seem to be public knowledge. It seems that the main difference between what Drake is and what Rap purists want him to be is his approach and collaborative approach. It’s tough to judge the situation without being in the studios and seeing what actually goes down. It’s tough for people who hear the “10 Bands” reference track from Quentin Miller that includes many of the lines Drake spits in his album version of the songs, and not wonder how many lines from other songs were not actually written by Drake. People idolize Drake for more than his persona and his style; they take his lyrics to heart and feel a connection with him. If fans are unsure about who they are connecting with it can lead to a disconnect between Drake and his swarms of loyal fans.

Based on the writing credits alone, it’s ludicrous to act as if Drake is not the main creative force behind his own music. While his style of bringing in collaborators is different from that of Lil Wayne’s “step up in the booth with ammo” approach, it is one that is used by many artists including that of Kanye West and Jay Z. It does appear that Drake gets some legitimate help in writing his rhymes, but he also is a great orchestrator with a great talent for making complete albums that his fans love. Unless there is a much deeper conspiracy with many more lyric creating artists other than Quentin Miller (as has possibly been suggested by Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar), it does not seem likely that Drake’s reputation of greatness will be traded for one of a fraud anytime soon.

Writing Credits Comparison


Legend: (A. Graham, J. Brathwaite, Q. Miller, B. Bush & T. Mosley)

10 Bands: (A. Graham, Q. Miller, M. Samuels, A. Feeny & R. Thomas III)

Know Yourself: (A. Graham, Q. Miller, M. Samuels, A. Hernandez & J. Scruggs)

Used To: (A. Graham, D. Carter, Q. Miller, K. Samir, E. Oshunrinde & M. Giombini)

6 Man: (A. Graham, Q. Miller & N. Shebib)

Lil Wayne:

A Milli: (Crawford, Shondrae L / Carter, Dwayne / Fareed, Kamaal / Shaheed Jones-Muhammad, Ali)

6’7’: (Carter, Dwayne / Pankey, Peter / Crawford, Shondrae / Burgie, Irving / Attaway, Greg)

Love Me: (Williams, Michael Len / Hogan, Asheton Terrence O’Niel / Carter, Dwayne / Wilburn, Nayvadius Demun / Graham, Aubrey)

Rich as Fuck: (Williams, Tyler / Carter, Dwayne / Epps, Tauheed / Seetharam, Nikhil Shanker)

Grindin’: (Dwayne Carter, Aubrey Graham, Matthew Samuels, Anderson Hernandez, Noel Fisher)

Drake’s Collaborators:

J. Brathwaite: Producer located in Canada

Q. Miller: Rapper in WDNG Crshrs

Benjamin J. Bush

Tim Mosley (Timbaland)

Matthew Samuels (Boi1da)

Adam Feeney (Frank Dukes) Toronto Producer

Anderson Hernandez (Producer Vinylz)

Joshua Scruggs (Skysense): credited for writing for Meek Mill (Been That Nigga) and Ludacris

Kenza Samir: Poet from Toronto who has collaborated with Drake multiple times. Helped Drake come up with the line “I wish you could learn to love people and use things.” And “Isn't it amazing, how you talk all that shit and still we lack communication.”

Ebony Oshunrinde: Producer also known as Wondagurl, discovered by Travis Scott and made her name by producing Jay Z’s “Crown” when she was just 16 years old.

Marcello Giombini: Italian Composer from the 60’s

R Thomas III: Unknown, no information

Lil Wayne’s Collaborators:

Crawford, Shondrae L: Bangladesh

Fareed, Kamaal: Q-Tip

Shaheed Jones-Muhammad, Ali: Member of A Tribe Called Quest with Q-Tip

Pankey, Peter: Corey Gunz

Burgie, Irving: Great American classic songwriter who wrote 34 songs for Harry Belafonte

Williams, Michael Len: Producer Mike Will Made It

Hogan, Asheton Terrence O’Niel: Listed with writing credit on many songs including No Flex Zone, Future songs, and more.

Wilburn, Nayvadius Demun: Future

Epps, Tauheed: 2 Chainz

Noel Fisher: Young Money in-house producer Detail

Seetharam, Nikhil Shanker: Young, Canadian, Indian-born producer who has worked on multiple young money songs.

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How Many Kids Does Lil Wayne Have?

Lil Wayne's kids: how many does he have?

Weezy has a grand total of 4 children. 1 daughter and 3 sons. The oldest and most famous of his children is his eldest daughter Reginae Carter, whom he had with his former wife Toya (Antonia) Wright. Reginae was born on November 29, 1998, when Lil Wayne was 16 and Toya was just 15, respectively. The couple had met at the age of 12 when they were still in school in New Orleans, and the two call each other their mutual first loves. However, they didn't get married until 2004, and they eventually separated in 2006.

Reginae was raised primarily by her mother, spending most of her time in Atlanta, but Weezy was always a consistent part of her life. Lil Wayne raps about Reginae in the following songs:

“I’m sorry for the fucking wait, was busy, racing Ferraris with lil Reginae. That’s gangsta. You know I always come in second place.” -You Guessed It, Sorry 4 the Wait 2

“But I gotta take care of Reginae and keep Miss Cita straight” –Fuck the World, the Carter

“His and her's Ferraris, ni**a, one for me, one for my daughter, ni**a.” –Believe Me, Tha Carter V

Another special moment shared by the two can be seen on Tha Carter V in the song "Famous" in which Reginae sings a beautiful hook about fame and its glamour.

Lil Wayne’s second oldest kid is his son Dwayne Michael Carter III. He was born on October 22, 2008, to Weezy and his mother Sarah Vivan.

His third child is probably his second most well-known because of the fame and beauty of his mother. Cameron Carter is the child of Lil Wayne and the gorgeous Lauren London. Cameron has gotten major attention from a twitter post in which Lauren London showed off the little guy over Christmas. Social media went crazy over the cuteness of Cameron, and the polarizing pairing of Weezy and Lauren.

Tunechi’s youngest kid is his son Neal Carter whose mother is the singer Nivea. Neal was born in 2009 which complemented the great year Wayne had professionally with Tha Carter III with an additional special moment in his personal life of adding another child. Nivea was also featured on Tha Carter V in the song New Dope Gospel.

Weezy has said that he doesn't want a fifth child, but he does have a habit of saying contradicting things in his raps. In Lil Bitch from No Ceilings 2, Wayne raps "she know I cum on her halter top, cause she know I don't want no five children."However, after Ty Montgomery's 10 YPC performance for the Packers against the Bears in 2017, Wayne tweeted about possibly naming his next kid or album after him, so who knows what's really cooking. For now, Lil Wayne seems okay with his five children, and the equal number of baby mamas, but if more cute kids get added to his Christmas Instagram photos, who's going to complain? And Reginae has been doing a great job of defending him against haters, so the more real family around you, the better!

No matter his level of success, Lil Wayne seems to stay grounded by keeping his family first. In the TIDAL interview exclusive #CRWN hosted in New Orleads by Elliot Wilson, Weezy can be seen saying that his children were the only thing that got him through his troubles with Cash Money Records and his inability to release his music. During all of the trouble, he said that being a father to his five children was always what he viewed his #1 purpose as, and that helped him always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Why Did Lil Wayne Change His Name to Tunechi?

Lil Wayne's Choosing of the Name "Tunechi"

When Lil Wayne first announced his new moniker “Lil Tunechi,” many people around hip-hop were quite surprised. He was originally compared to people such as P Diddy who switched their name mid-career to generate buzz. But the truth is, Lil Wayne has been going by the name “Tune” for a very long time.

The name was given to Wayne by his grandmother Mercedes Carter when he was young. Now of course, it would be easy for Wayne to just claim that he has been going by the nickname for years to make it seem like he wasn’t changing the name for hype purposes. But if you look back through the years you will find a few subtle references to Wayne as “Tune” or “Li-Tune” (said very quickly in a New Orleans slang style but meaning Lil Tune).

If you’ve ever watched the 2009 Carter Documentary (a film Wayne is no longer the biggest fan of) you will notice in the scene where Lil Wayne is giving Lil Twist a hard time for not being more sexually active, that Mack Main begins telling a story about Wayne but starts off the story by saying “and Tune was… oh wait, y’all don’t know 'bout all that, okay well Wayne was…” He was starting off the story referring to Wayne as Tune but quickly realized the lack of public knowledge that nickname has, and changed his reference to “Wayne.”

In the DJ Scoob Doo produced video days before Lil Wayne’s prison sentence began, he explains the entire history of the nickname and says he added the “chi” because it sounds catchier like “Gucci” and that the full moniker is “Tunechileonchis”.  Not sure what the Tunechileonchis name represents, but maybe Weezy is already planning on turning himself into someone from Greek mythology sometime in the future.

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Weezy & Breezy: A Dynamic Duo

A History of the Relationship Between Lil Wayne and Chris Brown

Lil Wayne and Chris Brown have enjoyed a very long friendship. From back when the two were young and up and coming artists, to when both artists were at the top of the game and in the center of the spotlight, they have always had a very successful partnership.

Weezy has always brought his A-game for his features on Chris Brown’s songs, starting back in 2005 with Breezy’s “Gimme That (Remix)” along with a music video to help in promotion. The video is an interesting one for fans of both artists because it goes a small way to show the friendship between both artists. The video starts with Wayne meeting Brown in an airport and saying what’s up, while later Brown falls asleep and goes into a deep dream about his courtship of a beautiful girl in the airport. Brown is later awakened by a teasing Lil Wayne who tries to bring Breezy back to reality.

chris brown lil wayne tyga relationship

The duo followed up the first successful collaboration with CB’s “Poppin (Remix)” in 2007. Weezy put in what was surely one of the best verses he has ever spit. This verse remains a classic to this today and it’s that signature sound that long time Lil Wayne fans refer to as “old Lil Wayne.” The song was a great success thanks also to a great beat and strong verse from Juelz Santana who was enjoying major success at the time. The remix was not included on Brown’s album but was featured on the soundtrack of the movie “Stomp the Yard.”

In 2009 the “young phenom and the young CEO” got together once again for the Transformers themed “I Can Transform Ya” which was also coupled with a video. This time, Brown taps Wayne for two verses in the song, and coupled with dynamic and powerful vocals from CB, the song was a radio hit peaking at 20 on the Billboard Hot 200. The music video features Ducatis, Bugattis, and some intense graffiti. (Of course, beautiful women as well).

The next collaboration was their biggest hit together to-date. In 2011 CB tapped Lil Wayne and new YMCMB signee, Busta Rhymes, for the smash hit “Look At Me Now.” This was the second song in a row that Breezy tapped Wayne for an album version of a track and not the remix, and was their third music video connection. Both Weezy and Busta rhymes put in verses of the year and the song was nominated for multiple awards. The song peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hip-Hop/Rap chart and number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the biggest hit to-date of a Lil Wayne x Chris Brown collabo.

lil wayne chris brown relationship gimme that

The latest product of the dynamic duo’s joint efforts came in the form of Brown’s 2014 hit “Loyal.” The song had multiple versions, a West-Coast version featuring Too $hort, an East Coast version featuring French Montana, and an album version featuring Tyga. Every version, however, features Lil Wayne with a smooth intro verse. This track must have been a fun one for Weezy because Too $hort is one of his favorite artists and no matter what it’s always cool to hook up with an OG.  The song was a major success for Chris Brown as it peaked at number 4 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart and number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, making two Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits for the all-star duo.

The combination of Lil Wayne and Chris Brown is definitely an interesting one because of the unique blend of Pop and Rap. Although Chris Brown is categorically mostly classified as an R&B artist, he’s undeniably a Pop superstar and his historical placement on the charts reflects that. When you see a song like “Loyal” that only peaks at 4 on the Hip Hop chart (which is only a Top 25 ranking in a single genre) but gets all the way to 9 on the Hot 100, you can see that there is more broad appeal than just the Hip Hop genre and the song benefits from the broader audiences that you’re in front of with more of a Pop sound. Lil Wayne has continuously been able to adjust his style to meet Pop demand without losing his Rap edge. For instance, look at the difference between his feature verses on Nicki Minaj’s “Only” and “Truffle Butter.” The “Only” verse is a hard-core, gangsta rap styled verse because the song is a coming out party for Nicki Minaj saying “Hello world, I’m a serious rapper.” But “Truffle Butter” is a Pop radio song that is designed to generate buzz for the album and drive listeners to the album as a whole, which will drive album sales. Lil Wayne flawlessly switches his styles to be able to cater to different demographics and fan bases. When Lil Wayne is on a Chris Brown track he knows he’s rapping for Breezy’s fan base as well as his own. In these instances, an artist gets the chance to gain fans from the other artist’s fan base and gain more brand power for themselves. It’s a win-win.

Seeing the Pop side of Lil Wayne on Chris Brown songs is good for his fans that are less of the “Drought 3” fan and more of the “How to Love” and “Lollipop,” and it’s good for Chris Brown because it keeps him firmly in the Hip Hop community and away from being too Pop like a John Legend.

lil wayne chris brown heat game

On the personal side, Weezy and Breezy have been close friends throughout the years. Chris Brown has been seen at multiple Miami Heat games with the YMCMB crew (including Drake), and Lil Wayne also performed at CB’s 2011 birthday party. The duo also performed a free concert in Haiti as a benefit for the people of Haiti, organized by Swizz Beatz. It has also been rumored that Lil Wayne helped broker a peace between CB and Drake after their falling out and bottle throwing episodes (Drizzy) occurred after tension between their complicated relationships with Rihanna. Whether or not it’s true, it’s definitely a possibility as Weezy is close friends with both, and we haven’t heard any negativity coming from either Breezy or Drizzy.

It’s great to see people in Hip Hop having great friendships that last through the years, especially when both artists find a way to stay at the top of the game. We can only hope for a continued run of great collabs from Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, and hopefully more ridiculously great music videos.