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Don't Believe Tha Carter V Release Hype

When it comes to the release of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V, here's who you can trust: 


If you've been a Lil Wayne fan for long, you'll know that Weezy's camp has a long history of misleading fans about the release dates of albums. And if you need proof of that, just look at how long Tha Carter V itself has been delayed. 

Lil Wayne hasn't released an album on time since Tha Carter II. And personally, I blame Cortez Bryant. At some point, these guys got it into their heads that pushing back albums created more demand for album releases and ultimately would help them sell more copies. 

They may or may not be right, but the only release I think pushbacks helped was actually Tha Carter III. Since that album, no album in hip-hop has had as much anticipation built around it. And when you lack crazy amounts of anticipation and buzz, album pushbacks make you seem disorganized, and fans start to react negatively. 

(Let's face it, these Sorry 4 the Wait mixtapes weren't unplanned last minute projects made because of unforeseen album delays.)

With all this history in mind, there's more than enough reason why you shouldn't buy into these stories about a September 21st Carter V release date because of some Floyd Mayweather tweet and a fan-created, fake album cover. 

Take LilWayneHQ's word for it:
LilWayneHQ Sets the Record Straight

As LilWayneHQ so perfectly says, don't trust a release date unless you hear it from the horse's, I mean, GOAT's mouth. And even then, whether you hear it from Cortez or from Mack Maine, take whatever they say with a grain of salt. 

You know when you can trust the release date of a Lil Wayne "Carter" album" When you see it streaming on Tidal and can bang it in your wireless Sonys. 

Until then, we'll keep following the Twitter clues and keep our ears to the ground, and when we hear something real, we'll definitely let you know.