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Lil Wayne Went from Tattoo Ban to Being a Tattoo on Drake

Remember when Lil Wayne forbid Drake to get a tattoo?

"Whatever, man, whatever you do, do not get no tattoos never in your life. Don't change yourself, please."
According to Drake, that's what Weezy told him when he visited him in Riker's Island Prison in 2010.

Flash forward 7 years and Drake now has a tattoo of Lil Wayne's face on his left tricep.


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A lot can certainly change in 7 years. Drake has gone in and out of two beefs with Nicki Minaj, as well as a majorly hyped back and forth with Meek Mill. Wayne has also had his fair share of drama, with everything that's gone on with his law suit against Cash Money Records and his long delayed Carter 5 album.

But one thing that's remained the same, Lil Wayne and Drake's relationship has remained strong. Despite a supposed small disruption when Drake slept with Lil Wayne's ex girlfriend while he was in prison, the duo have kept their personal and business relationships healthy and prosperous.

Maybe part of the reason Drake got the tattoo was to make the commitment to himself to always remain loyal to Weezy. It can be difficult once you get success to always give credit where credit is due, especially when someone is taking a cut of all your paychecks and you already feel like you've paid your dues.

Another reason could be Drake's increasing move towards an image of someone with a bit more of a hard exterior. Drake has bulked up in recent years, accompanied with the buzz cut hairstyle and the more edgy facial hair. Although his appearance has gotten a bit edgier, tattoos included, Drake's music hasn't exactly shifted that way. As evidence, his last album was even criticized as being a bit too reflective and apologetic.

Either way, Drake is sending a serious message to the world of hip hop and beyond with this monstrous tattoo of Lil Wayne's face. The world is reminded that Lil Wayne and Drake are still a one-two punch that aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.