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Lil Wayne's New Song "Like a Man" Just Set 2017 on FIRE

Lil Wayne just released a new song that is one of his best songs of 2017 so far. Weezy always has such a great ability to make a song have pop appeal while still being authentic rap. On his new collaboration with ONHEL, Wayne tears the beat up with his blazing rhymes that are reminiscent of Dedication 5 Weezy.

He ups some old concepts, such as being a martian, by rapping about buying up all the property on Mars, and also uses one of his best lines from Curren$y's "Fat Albert" track, which was one of Lil Wayne's best verses of 2016. If you're looking for some refreshed faith in Weezy for 2017 and beyond, this track certainly won't let you down.

I also love Lil Wayne rapping over EDM beats and think he should do it more often. (Case and point, his performance on Grindin from the upcoming Tha Carter 5 Lil Wayne album). This song shows his mastery of any style of beat, and the EDM world should look out if he decides to start taking on more electronically influenced projects.

Songs like this make me excited about making "the best Lil Wayne songs of 2017" post which will be coming soon. Until then, enjoy this beast of a track and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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