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When will Lil Wayne Release Dedication 6?

Back in November, Cortez Bryant set the Twitterverse ablaze with the idea that Dedication 6 might be released as a "surprise" drop on Thanksgiving. He said to look for the project in November because December would just be too late.

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Well, here we are in December, and still no Dedication 6.

Of course all true Lil Wayne fans know that Cortez Bryant can't be trusted when it comes to release dates. Weezy fans have been abused since tha Carter IV by delay after delay. An album will be teased and then they use the all too overused "Coming Soon" label for it, and then at some point within the next year and a half we fans may or may not get a new project to enjoy.

With all of the frustration that Lil Wayne fans are enduring because of this Carter V fiasco, you would think Tez could ease up on us and just give it to us straight when it comes to a Lil Wayne mixtape release as big as Dedication 6. But nope. Still nothing.

That's why the only thing I'm asking for from Santa Clause this year is Dedication 6. It would fit perfect with Weezy's affinity for releasing around holidays, but business-wise it is a tough time to capture buzz with so much competition.

Here's to hoping that Santa can pull it off, and we Weezy fans can enjoy a long overdue new Lil Wayne project.

Merry Christmas!