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New Lil Wayne Song: Quasimodo

Well if you've been missing some top-shelf Weezy... Quasimodo is a can't miss for Lil Wayne fans of all eras.

"Repping for my logo… That's me and my bro bros."

Lil Wayne - Quasimodo

The beat is dark and has that enchanting vibe that many of Weezy's recent classics. You can almost picture yourself in Notre Dame hanging out with the famous hunchback himself, with a few gargoyles hanging around just for security. 

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There's no info on what project this track was originally supposed to be attached to, possibly a track that didn't make the final cut for Carter V. But either way, we're blessed to get it during this painful Weezy drought. 

Maybe we'll get a Sorry 4 the Wait 3 as a lead up to the eventual release of the long-awaited latest Carter album, but we all know anything less than the Carter V is just a tease at this point.